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Shinigami 518's place of rants

my page

From a hospital in Philadelphia PA, comes a new life: Me.

Live in upstate NY, I'm asthmatic and a recently graduated College Student. I'm an Art Major with an English Minor

I have an older brother who is my rock and inspiration.

I have a variety of interests, including anime, Star Trek, Whose Line is it anyway, Michael Jackson, English comedy, drawing, and many more.

My Deviant page: http://miyabiikari.deviantart.com/ hosts a crap load of my fan arts.
My youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=shinigami518 which has many of my videos I created and ones I'm interested in.


"bones", agent booth, agent seeley booth, alan davies, amv, angela montenegro, angela/hodgins, angela/jack, anime, bones, bones on fox, bones the series, bones the show, bones tv, bones: the series, booth/brennan, brad sherwood, brennan/booth, camille saroyan, caroline quentin., cats, charlie brown, chekov, chip esten, clive anderson, colin mochrie, computers, crime drama, crime shows, darkwing duck, dcau, dead parrot sketch, digimon, dogs, dr. brennan, dr. camille saroyan, dr. daniel goodman, dr. goodman, dr. hodgins, dr. jack hodgins, dr. temperance brennan, drawing, drew carey, eric idle, eureka, fan art, fan fics, fan fiction, fanart, fanfics, fanfiction, fic, fiction, fry & laurie, fry and laurie, ghostbusters, graham chapman, graphic design, greg proops, gundam wing, harry potter, haruhi, have got news you, hignfy, hodgins/angela, hugh laurie, icons, improv, jack hodgins, jeeves & wooster, jeff davis, jeffersonian, jeffersonian institute, john cleese, jooster, josie lawrence, k/s, kingdom, kirk, law and order svu, lj icons, lucky star, mary poppins, michael jackoson, michael jackson, michael palin, mike mcshane, monty python, mst3k, music, music videos, mystery science theater 3000, paul merton, paul merton in china, paul merton the series, peanuts, playing piano, pokemon, qi, quite interesting, quotes, reading, richard vranch, ryan stiles, ryan/colin, sailor moon, sandi toksvig, seeley booth, seeley/tempe, seeley/temperance, seeley/temperance fic, seely booth, shawn michaels, shippers, slash, snoopy, sonic the hedgehog, special agent booth, special agent seeley booth, spock, squints, star trek, star trek tos, stephen fry, steven frost, stugh, super mario, temperance brennan, the 80's, the beatles, the great mouse detective, the jeffersonian, the office, the pretender, tony slattery, wayne brady, whose line, whose line anyway, wliia, world wrestling entertantment, wrestling, writing, writting, wwe, x-men, yu-gi-oh!, zach addy, zack addy