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shinigami518 [userpic]

Jaded Raw Review - 4/29/13

May 1st, 2013 (09:17 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/29/13
Commentary is very good. Random Dominos shill. Recaps are decently done in the show.

Backstage: Bellas are still annoying. Cena gets ankle checked and Ryback and him banter. Kaitlyn is pretty badass and we get her in another love angle with a secret admirer. Vicki tries to change the match for Ryback tonight, but Ryback says no. Yeah..
Ryback leaves the building during a commercial break. Cena still wants to fight, even with the hurt foot.

Ricardo Rodrigues Vs Zeb Colter Vs Big E.: This… is an odd opening. Ricardo is wearing what appears to be Zubaz pants. Ricardo does quite a good job after getting his ass kicked by Big E. Zeb plays possum to avoid a Big E pounding. It turns into a crazy cluster fuck with everyone getting involved. Ricardo wins after Aj stops the ref from counting Zeb’s pin and Ricardo does a quick roll up. Good on you, Ricardo.

Cena Make-a-Wish/World Wish day promo thing: Say what you want about Cena, he does some good work for these people, especially the little kids.

Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes: Despite them having fought so many times two years ago, this is a good match. Cole actually makes a reference to Orton and Cody being part of “Legacy” way back when. Commercial during the match. Some very close calls and impressive spots, lung Orton pulling a Taz and do a T-Bone on Cody. Orton wins with a RKO to counter a CrossRhodes. He hits another RKO while he’s interviewed by Josh.

Nikki Bella Vs Naomi: Blah stuff. Nikki wins.

Shield Promo: Missed part of it due to watching Bones Season Finale. Pretty much a recap of all the shit they’ve done and boasting about how awesome they are and no one can stop “The Hounds of Justice”. Three Man Band come out – why? Fight ensue and 3MB get pounded. Team Hell No arrive, ready to kill. Shield retreat, so Kane and Daniel kill 3MB. “Does everyone hate 3MB?” – JBL.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston: JBL calls out Ziggler for wearing the belt backwards, saying it’s disrespectful. Commentary announces that Kofi is now a daddy, celebrating the birth of his kid. Congrats, Kofi. Match is similar to ones we’ve seen between them before. Commercial during the match. Some nice moves and spots. Kofi takes out both Big E and Dolph when Big E drags him out to get him back to snuff. Ziggler wins. Big E kills Kofi afterwards.

Jack Swagger Vs Zack Ryder: Zack mocks Zeb’s loss early in the show. Then he actually is able to hold his own for a while against him. Patriot Lock and Jack wins.

Mark Henry (with a long ass rope): He wants a match with two guys. He gets Tensai. Apparently, it’s a Tug-of-War. What? Tensai loses. Brodus comes out. He loses. Now Sheamus comes out. He wants a go. Sheamus is actually putting up quite the fight. Lawler makes a reference to “Battle of the Network Stars” before Sheamus says “Fuck this” and attacks Mark.

Alberto Vs Antonio Cesaro: Ricardo gets a boosted entrance with the reference to his win early tonight. Cesaro gets some good hits in. Commercial during the match. Actually a decent match. “Ole” chants start going. Cross-arm breaker and Alberto wins. Alberto loves the “Ole” chants and Alberto announces that the Triple Threat Match will be a Ladder Match.

Fandango Vs The Great Khali: It’s a dance off. Fuck me. Watched a Let’s Play of Super Mario RPG. Khali won because he’s a “Good Guy” and Fandango beats up Khali.

Cena and Ryback Vs The Shield: Cena’s got a torn Achilles Tendon during the European Tour. Ryback bolts, so it’s now Team Hell No and Cena against The Shield. Very good match with some good action. Commercial during match. Kane starts to really kick ass and almost gets to toss someone through the table, but Ambross fucked him up. Cena gets pinned by Reigns after his leg gives out and he got speared. Cena just got pinned CLEANLY! Ryback appears at the entrance to stare down Cena, who is now really selling his busted ankle.

Overall: It was entertaining at some points with some good to decent matches like the last match, the opening match, Kofi/Ziggler, Alberto/Cesaro, and Orton/Cody. The Dance-Off and the Tug-Of-War was pointless, as were some of the random things in between like King ordering from Dominos again. The Crowd was good for some parts, especially during Alberto’s match. Was surprised that Cena was actually showing pain from his hurt foot and not trying to no-sell it. Overall, I’d give it a 6 out of ten – A good show, but not too great.