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shinigami518 [userpic]

Jaded Raw Review - 4/22/13

April 27th, 2013 (04:55 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/22/13
Misc.: Awesome British crowd tonight. Some decent recaps, including Punk’s weird promo.

Backstage: Random chopper entrance for Shield. Dolph flirts with his title and tells AJ to beat Kaitlyn after they both insult her. Vicki comes in to cockblock Aj and “Ziggly-Puff” (as AJ called him, lol) and to tell Dolph if he loses, his triple threat match at Extreme Rules will be a Fatal Four-way. Shield do their TNA-backstage style promo about beating Taker. Random Mick Foley. Kane is pacing and D-Bry is freaking out over Taker not being there. Also, Taker doesn’t take orders and doesn’t like hugs. Shield attacks the two in a very confusing moment. Nice cap, Ryback.

Heyman: Heyman has become grating for me after all this extra shit he’s been involved in, I’m sorry. He’s become a novelty, only around to appeal to the ECW fans out there. Hunter comes out after a fake-out e-mail said he’d give Heyman his answer to the challenge next week. Hunter tells him he accepts and Pedigree’s “The Walrus” as King calls him.

R-Truth Vs Antonio Cesaro: R-Truth gets an entrance and raps to the UK crowd, who go along with it. Cole gets into it, unfortunately. Ole chants break out during the ring. IT’S THE BIZARRO CROWD! King is hoping for the same kind of crowd like two weeks ago.

Brodus Clay Vs Damian Sandow: Yay… There’s a chant relating to Cody’s moustache and a random Sandow cosplayer in the audience. Sandow scores the win with help from Cody distracting him several times.

Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler: Jericho gets a really REALLY good pop from the crowd. A very good match. Commercial during the match. Big E slugs Jericho in an attempt for Ziggler to win, but Jericho kicks out. Very tense match. Crowd is doing the Mexican wave. Jericho does an awesome Superplex on Dolph from the top rope. Jericho sicks the Walls on Dolph when Fandango comes out. Crowd Fandangoes. Dolph hits the ZigZag on the distracted Jericho and scores the win.

Cody Rhodes Vs Tensai: And the other half of each team go at it. Tensai kills Cody and wins.

Big E Langston Vs Zack Ryder: Nice knowing you again, Zack. Big E kills him.

Undertaker and Team Hell No Vs Shield: Taker’s first Raw match in a long time, yay! Taker’s entrance is still epic as awesome and gets an epic pop. Taker has to fight Shield alone due to the attack on Kane and D-Bry… until Kane and D-Bry come out and it becomes a brawl. Match starts after commercial. Epic match. I actually squeed when Taker did his signature walk on the top rope move. Big reactions from the crowds here, they’re loving this match. “This is awesome” chants along with “YES” chants and “You Still Got It” chants. Rollins is taking bumps like he’s Slaughter or Ziggler. Commercial during match. This is an incredible match! Taker almost does a Double Chokeslam, but epic spear from Reigns. Shield, however, get the win after Taker and Kane are distracted outside the ring and Ambrose scores the pin. Still a damn good match. Love the little head pat Kane gave D-Bry.

Fandango Vs William Regal: Fandango’s got a blonde dancer tonight. Fans sing along with his song. And hey, Regal gets to wrestle! Crazy chanting fans. Fandango won. Jericho jumps him on his way out and sends him flying off the stage. Jericho then dances with Fandango’s date. Owned.

Diva battle royal for #1 contender
: Hooray… Only five Diva’s in the match, including AJ and Tamina. Nice Superkick from Tamina after AJ does a jump hug on her. AJ plays possum and eliminates Layla.

Foley confronts Ryback: Foley is armed with a chair given to him by Cena. “What” chants peppered through the bit. Epic Foley promo with him calling him out on his actions and thoughts, telling him to “wake up”. Shouting match and it looks like Foley and Ryback are gonna brawl, but “Super-Cena”, as Ryback called him, comes out to mega heat. Then Shield comes out. Cena leaves the ring to let Ryback deal with Shield, but Cena joins in with a Chair to go after Shield. Cena and Ryback are alone in the ring, Cena with the chair. Cena tosses the chair aside and hits Ryback with the AA. Our hero.

Overall: Another great crowd with some really, REALLY good matches. Highlight of the night was the triple threat match. Jericho’s match was also very good. Foley cut a very awesome promo and love some of the storyline buildups. Also worth noting is that there were NO JOBBER ENTRANCES for anyone. I’d give this Raw a 7 out of 10 for two awesome matches and some decent other things.