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shinigami518 [userpic]

Whose Line Is It Anyway AMV Hell Version 2.0

December 25th, 2012 (01:40 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Behold, the remake of Whose Line AMV Hell. Four minutes longer with several new clips, some re-edits, and much reorganizing, this one is more entertaining and maybe a little more funny.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2076EQ0MB8k Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxT0_9GHvII Part 2

Here is the new full rundown of the videos in this thing.

Text: Warning
This is an AMV Hell style music video. It contains the following:
Vulgar language:
-Tony telling Clive to Fuck off – This has special meaning to me: It’s the first clip I ever downloaded that was Whose Line related. Thank god for high quality and uncensored footage so I could put it in.

Naughty Imagery (including Slash)
-“The Letter “H” – I replaced the Rhino’s Newsflash with this one because it’s much more fun and to tell you the truth, the newsflash wasn’t all that funny. Plus, it’s both naughty AND Slash.

And Random Acts of Insanity
- LMAD: Colin the hockey player fighting Greg while Ryan holds him back – Well, it IS random and chaotic

If that doesn’t bother you, then please enjoy the video.

The Song playing is “Right back where we started from” by Cleopatra. I felt it was a decent song to play for the opening warning credits.

And now: Our Feature Presentation – I pulled the audio off of a clip I yoinked from youtube and created the text to go with the sound.

The Jaded Jewel logo – Re-edited for the video.

Intro - “the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show opening” – WLIIA US/UK
Text: Whose Line is it Anyway AMV Hell
Video Created by: Jaded Jewel AKA Shinigami 518
“Whose Line is it Anyway?” Created by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson
Intro: “Let’s Have a Party” From “The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show”
This is done for fun purposes and not for money, so don’t sue.

This was much fun and hard to make. Matching who to who was easy, picking what footage to use was tough. That leaping for Hoedown scene during the bridge bit was perfect timing (to my surprise) as was most of the dancing.
Who was who:
Colin – Charlie Brown
Ryan – Snoopy – These two were just perfect for those roles. I mean, they are pretty much those two
Greg – Linus – Linus hangs out the most with CB and Snoopy/Greg hangs out the most with Ry and Col.
Denny – Lucy – She fit. And I love the timing of her dancing to the beat of the song.
Brad – Woodstock – One of the few who fit.
Josie – Sally – joke for her being frequently paired with Greg (Linus) and she fit the lyric
Paul – Marcie
Tony – Peppermint Patty – For the joke that Patty and Marcie are ‘together’ and these two were pretty good to pair with. Note, Tony’s Chippendale dance appears several times in this video.
Kathy Griffin – Frieda
Wayne – Franklin – They fit the rolls
Jeff – Rerun – In-joke since I heard he once played Linus in a school play. And doesn’t he look cute here??
Kathy – Belle – whatever, she fit.
Chip – Spike – He just fit.
Caroline – Little Red Haired Girl – Another fit the roll character

I actually downloaded a video of static from youtube for the in-betweener bits.

1 – “No good will come from this” Animaniacs – Pinky and the Brain – WLIIA US - This clip came from the “Chip broke Ryan” episode and this was before the start of Directors, where that scene took place. No good did come from it.

2 – “You Look So Fine” Garbage – WLIIA UK – One of three songs I sometimes played when I watched this scene - The other two were “Da ya think I’m sexy” and “Sex bomb”. This one fit the best with the way Tony moved. I kept in some of the dialogue to balance out the music. Sometimes, it’s just better to have music to one without.

3 – “Do you love me” The Contours – WLIIA UK – If you never saw Dirty Dancing, this song was played during the movie. And the music fit the scene very well. Plus, who doesn’t like Colin humping Ryan?

4 – “Visually impaired” Rocko’s Modern Life – WLIIA US – I was searching for sounds for this video and when I heard this, I thought about the scene used here.

5 – “Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me” Susan Sarandon/Rocky Horror Picture Show - WLIIA US – One of the first new clips I made for this. Someone wanted some naughty touching in this, but they wanted that “Ooh, you touch my Tra-la-la” song, which I don’t have. So I went with Susan Sarandon’s only solo song instead from Rocky Horror. I, unfortunately, couldn’t find a rip of the episode uncensored in time. Besides, the censor bars add to the humor.

6 – “Scotty Doesn’t Know” Lustra – WLIIA UK – Greg’s erotic ballet with Caroline + Caroline being married to Paul at that time = epic lol.

7 – “Jump” Van Halen – WLIIA US – joke song that matched the moment. Decided to show most of the video this time.

8 – “Mental breakdown” Transformers 2 – WLIIA US – Second I heard this clip while looking for new ideas, this scene popped into my mind.

9 – “The Girls of Rock and Roll” Chipmunks and Chippettes – WLIIA UK – I wanted to use this song more in the video, but settled on the Chippettes’ verse instead. The UK girls don’t get much credit, except for Josie. Also, this is a probably idea for a future music video.

10 – “Toga Party” Animal House – Kingdom – Originally wanted to do something with the WL guys, but I wanted to use more Kingdom stuff and Lyle and Sidney(Tony Slattery) were perfect for this sound.

11 – “Women’s Underwear” Bob Rivers – WLIIA US/ Jeeves and Wooster/Paul Merton Live at the Palladium – Cross-dressing FTW. Nothing better than Stephen and Hugh in drag. Well, except Richard Vranch in a red bikini. Mmmmm….

12 – “Never seen a man take off a dress?” Don Knotts – Jeeves and Wooster – Stephen Fry in drag is made of win.

13 – “Dog’s playing poker” Simpsons Halloween Special – WLIIA US – Colin and the guys did the joke and I had to have someone doing Homer, so I had Colin. Him bolting was an added bonus for timing.

14 – “Images you’re about to see are awesome” The Cobert Report – WLIIA US – Jeff made the perfect person for this sound.

15 – “Ballroom Blitz” The Sweet – WLIIA US/UK – I really want to do a music video to this song, but I’m still wary of doing it. Plus the fact that there are three other videos I’ve seen done to this song. This bit was a slight experiment if I can do one. I may do it. Of course I had to put in Ryan dancing to that same song, Colin’s crazy dancing, and the Spongeman opera. This had some minor editing to fixing some of the timing.

16 – “Not making sense” Doctor Who – Have I Got News For You – My first Doctor Who related clip and the second I heard it, I thought about Paul bitching out Robert Killroy-Silk.

17 – “I Ran” Flock of Seagulls – WLIIA US – Cute little bit. Ryan the Mercenary chasing Colin who is scared of everything was perfect for this song. Spot the little hiccup in the footage that I couldn’t edit to fix.

18 – “Caught me doing” Iron Man – WLIIA UK – Yeah, Rory kissing Colin – We’ve seen worst.

19 – “Pikachu SFX” Pokemon – WLIIA US – Colin going Pikachu = <3

20 – “Elephant Love Melody” Ewan McGregor / Nicole Kidman – WLIIA UK – Tony and Paul is one of my fav. Ships (as you can tell by my stories and past videos) and every time I hear this song, I picture Tony and Paul singing it to one another.

21 - “Stay away from my man, bitch” South Park – WLIIA US – It was a perfect idea to do. Also, I could just hear Colin saying that.

22 - “Girlfriend” Avril Lavigne – WLIIA US/UK - Ship-battles. They tend to get old, so this is my dedication to them. Ry/Greg or Ry/Col, I like both, but Ry/Col tends to win out a bit more for me.

23 - “What the hell was that shit?!” Blazing Saddles – WLIIA UK – I originally wanted Clive to say this, but I saw this bit with Colin and I felt it fit better.

24 – “Daydream believer” Anne Murray – Have I Got News For You – I was listening to the song a while before making this and during the chorus, I pulled up my screens of the daydream scene from HIGNFY and I felt the song fit that bit. Actually, the lyrics kinda fit Paul and Ian – The Daydream Believer and the Homecoming Queen respectively. And I still <3 Paul’s expression at the end of the fantasy. So cute!

25 - “I prefer grass” Gumby – WLIIA US – Denny and Greg were perfect choices for this sound, especially with the last part of Denny’s cut Yard work hoedown.

26 – “You Spin Me Right Round” Dead or Alive – WLIIA US/UK/Paul Merton in China/Parkinson – I saw a Paul video done to this song and I wanted to do one to this song.

27 – “News for Parrots” Monty Python – Have I Got News For You – This is from the Pirate Video if you are wondering. Angus originally did an intro that seemed to be for a porno, but this sound fit with the silly intro Angus used to do for the show.

28 - “Grocho meowing” Animal Crackers – Marx Brothers – WLIIA US/UK – Cats! Originally going to focus on Colin’s meowing gag, but I put in Greg as Shedding Cat man (which is adorable) and the Animals game from the UK because of the hotness of the trio.

29 – “Walk the Dinosaur” Was (Not Was) – WLIIA US – Colin’s Dinosaur impression is completely awesome. I sometimes played this while watching the black hole rap (this last clip at the end). Consider this a semi-Colin (insert silly lol over pun here) tribute.

30 –“She’s a Lady” Tom Jones – WLIIA UK – Josie, Josie, Josie. She is a Goddess and my favorite of the female performers. Note Paul taping his fingers and swaying his foot to the music in the background in one clip and the Greg/Josie shippy feel during the chorus.

31 – “Buddy Holly” Weezer – WLIIA US/UK – Greg looks like Buddy Holly, especially with his old school specs. Slight Greg/Col ship here, but it’s still cute. Ryan as the angry neighbor yelling at Greg was perfect for the “I don’t care what other people say” bit. Love the timing of the “Oh-we-oh” with Greg’s eyebrow wagging.

32 – “Thong Song” Sisquo – WLIIA US – Wayne’s G-String. Thong Song. End of subject

33 – “Caddyshack” – Jeeves and Wooster – An idea that came to be a while back when re-watching some Jeeves and Wooster episodes. Just replaced Chevy Chase with Bertie Wooster and you got gold.

34 – “This award is the biggest farce I ever saw” Simpsons – WLIIA US – Award show is so funny and Drew and Brad were perfect for this sound bit.

35 – “Faded” Soul Decision & Thrust – WLIIA UK – Tony groping Greg is hot. I also had “Underneath your clothes” by Shakira as standby, but “Faded” won out. Who doesn’t want to grope Greg… or get groped by Tony?

36 – “Kiss the Girl” Samuel E. Wright/Little Mermaid – WLIIA US – I have yet to see a music video done to this song for Whose Line and I am disappointed. There’s so many kissing bits in the show, I dare someone to do a video to this song!

37 – “If I Were Gay” Stephen Lynch – WLIIA US/UK – So much slash, so little time. The song rocks, I’m a slasher, end of story.

38 – “Is Everybody Gay!?” In and Out – WLIIA US – The line sums up the whole show, especially the episode all these kisses come from. And Jeff’s cheeky smile is <3

39 – “I’m Cute” Animaniacs – WLIIA US – Colin is Cute. What else can I say? Also love the timing with Jeff and Wayne doing Yakko and Wakko’s bit.

40 – “Dress in drag…” Lion King – Have I Got News For You – That IS a real pic of Paul in drag. It was a panto and he was in drag. I also changed the “Do The Hula” clip from my previous one because I didn’t like how it looked back then.

41– “I’m too sexy” Right Said Fred – WLIIA US – Fashion Models AKA Hotness overload. What else can I say except Colin’s booty shake was the main reason I wanted to use that song.

42 – “Not wearing any pants” The Kentucky Fried Movie – WLIIA US – Thank god for Gag reels because Drew’s “Fuck me silly” bit was perfect to use for this sound. Can’t believe the timing of it.

43 – “Stayin’ Alive” BeeGees – Cambridge Footlights Review – Tony’s dancing fit the song and he was indeed dancing to a Disco-type song. Hotness.

44 - “Insufferable Know-it-all” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Have I Got News For You – I could picture Angus saying this to Paul, so that’s why it’s here.

45 - “BS’n’P” ReBoot – WLIIA US/UK – For those who don’t know what BS’n’P is, it’s a censorship group, specifically the ones who censored ReBoot. This song was done by the “Small Town Binomes”, a Village People Spoof. This pretty much pokes fun at the ‘censorship’ of Whose Line and the stuff that the boys did and didn’t get away with. The UK footage was to compare the US to the UK in terms of lack censorship. I had to throw in Colin’s most awesome Party Quirk as well since, well… look at what Colin does!

46 - “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” Rod Stewart – The Drew Carey Show – I went through two other songs until I went with this. I tried “Sexyback” and “Sex Bomb”, but they didn’t fit well with the movements. This one, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy”, was more of a good fit. This I shortened to only showing the chorus because it just ran too long.

47 - “Drunk Homer’s love-postcard” Simpsons – WLIIA US – The drunk love letter fits perfectly with ‘drunk’ Colin’s actions.

48 - “Shake Your Booty” KC and the Sunshine Band – WLIIA US/UK – Bootyshaking!! What else can I say about it?

49 - “I am Dracula” Dracula – WLIIA US – Ryan said the exact line in directors. Having him say the original line was funnier.

50 - “Sharp Dressed Man” ZZTop – WLIIA US/UK/Jeeves and Wooster/A Bit of Fry and Laurie/The Drew Carey Show/Paul Merton in China – This was a bit hard to do, but I loved how it turned out. Lots of dancing and sexyness. Stephen’s dancercising clip is much lol as is whenever Paul dances. Silly note: When Stephen’s dancercising, note Hugh playing the guitar – it looks like he’s playing the song!

51 - “After these messages…” ABC Saturday Morning Bumper – WLIIA US – Saw a similar gag in the Ponies the Anthology 2 video and immediately thought of Brad’s famous pratfalls, this one in particular.

52 - “Rockit” Herbie Handcock – WLIIA US – Another case of playing the song once while watching the clip. This fit with a lot of the moves that Wayne and Colin do.

53 - “I’m Spying on You” Animal Crackers/Marx Brothers – Paul Merton the Series – I instantly thought of this sound when I first saw this scene.

54 - “Rockit” Herbie Handcock – WLIIA US – Split it in half to make the viewing of it much easier.

55 - “The Office theme” – Kingdom – One of the first ideas I came up with. Each of the five characters fit somewhat with the five in the original intro. The comparisons are:
Peter – Michael – Both the main characters, both run the business, and both are awesome.
Lyle – Dwight – The second under the main. Both tend to be the ‘comic reliefs’ at times.
Sidney – Jim – The underdog type character.
Gloria – Pam – The receptionist and love interest for the underdog character.
Beatrice – Ryan – The ‘new’ kid and one with the connection with the main character.
I also didn’t go with the same style in the intro with showing office things, but random shots of the characters. This is also the first time I did something with text like this. I also finally fixed the little hiccup in footage when Lyle’s bit started.

56 - “It’s on the internet” National Treasure: Book of Secrets - WLIIA US – Like the audio said, it’s on the internet, Drew.

57 - “Never Gonna Give You Up” Rick Astley – WLIIA US – What video isn’t complete without a Rick Roll? Millionaire Show was a perfect opportunity and I took it.

58 - “Can you Picture that” The Muppet Movie – WLIIA US/UK – Another song I want to do a music video to. Many of the lyrics fit the whole Whose Line mood. This was another experiment in seeing how it would look. Wayne and Jeff’s dance, Clive bopping, Tony’s crazy moves, and Wayne’s dance against Drew’s desk are my favorite highlights.

59 - “You, me, handcuffs…” Doctor Who – WLIIA US – It was either this or Tony/Paul during their last FT&T Styles game, so I went with the former. It fit.

60 - “Sex on a Train” Family Fortunes – Have I Got News For You/Peter’s Friends – I love game show bloopers and this one, I pictured both the scene from Peter’s Friends and one of the two panel shows for it. I went with HIGNFY and what better people to be the host and contestant that gives the answer than Boris(!) and Clive.

61 - “I Touch Myself” Divinyls – WLIIA US/UK – Why hasn’t anyone done a video to this song yet? This is the best song for a Ryan-Colin vid! This was a bit hard to find clips, but I found some good scenes for the first part.

62 - “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey – Kingdom – I always wanted to do a Sopranos ending parody and the second season finale fit perfectly.

63 - “Acceptable in the 80’s” Calvin Harris – WLIIA UK – I’ve seen two other videos done to this song with UK Whose Line footage and I loved them both. This was a bit special since it only uses the first two seasons as footage. Lots of good timing bits and two edits I did before saving it. Instead of Stephen in those trendy shades and hat, I originally had Jimmy Mulville being confused, but I dropped that clip. The other bit that was dropped was that I had a John Sessions clip, but I dropped it for the Josie facepalming over Arthur Smith.

64 - “Only funny until someone loses an eye” ReBoot – WLIIA UK – I find it funny that Clive is saying a line that was said by a Scottish deer head from an “Evil Dead” style game and that the deer was voiced by Scott McNeal. And yes, the eye poke can be funny or not.

65 - “Pieces of shit for breakfast” Happy Gilmore – Have I Got News For You – Paul/Angus banter and some good scene splicing from one of my favorite episodes.

66 - “Filthy, Gorgeous” Scissor Sisters – WLIIA UK/Jeeves and Wooster/Comedy Store Players clip/Cambridge Footlight Review/Barf Bites Back special/Paul Merton Live at the Palladium/Almost Saturday Live/Have I Got News For You – This must have the largest amount of source footage. I actually used part of my full music video instead of the original clip for this.

67 - “Pinky and the Brain” – Have I Got News For You – Saw a video done to this song with the same subject, so I tried my own version. I keep grinning at Ian doing the Vulcan greeting during “One is a genius” because Ian’s such a cute little Trekkie.

68 -“Dragostea din tei(The Numa Numa Song)” Ozone – WLIIA US/UK – Same as the above, I saw one other WLIIA vid done to this song, but it was done to the English translation of the song. I had trouble deciding what part of the song I should use, so I went with the last bit. Really liked how it turned out, especially at the group dancing bits.

69 - “I am your father” Star Wars – WLIIA US – Had to be done, especially after all those Star Wars jokes in the show

70 - “Centerfold” J. Geils Band – WLIIA UK/Have I Got News For You/Peter’s Friends – I heard the song while searching for ideas and thought of one of the ships I like. Then I remembered Tony in Peter’s friends and went with the Tony/Paul ship for this bit. I keep laughing when Paul looks through the “Girlie Magazine” and it’s “News of the World”.

71 - “Jump in the Line” Harry Belefonte – WLIIA US/UK/Paul Merton in China/A Bit of Fry and Laurie/Drew Carey Show/Wedding Tackle – Another experimental video. I simply LOVE this song and I want to use it for a music video for the Whosers. Thanks to youtube for the Wedding Tackle clip. I originally wanted Josie as “Senora”, but Greg won out in the end.

72 - “That’s no good…”/Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog – WLIIA US/UK – More touching and an old classic from Sonic.

Ending credits: Just a standard thank you for all who watched it.

Credits/73 “The Street We Live On” Sesame Street – WLIIA US/UK – I wanted to do a new credits video and when I saw some fan videos done to this song, I figured I’d give it a go with the Whose Line guys and girls. Which person is which is as follows:
Elmo - Jeff
Big Bird – Ryan
Snuffy –Colin
Cookie Monster - Drew
Zoe - Kathy
Ernie - Tony
Bert - Paul
Grover - Brad
Telly - Jim
Baby Bear - Steve S.
Tree - Steve Frost
Rosita – Karen (I originally planned on having Sandi here, but Karen seemed to fit better)
The Count - Clive
Gabi - Denny
Oscar – Greg
Dorothy the Goldfish – Laura Hall
Bob – Chip
Gordon and Susan – Mike and Josie
Miles - Wayne
I had to do a lot of work on this one, but I’m very proud of how it turned out.

And some stats from this:
73 videos were made for this, including the intro.
Ideas were dropped in the making: one for random fights, Paul smoking in India to "Because I Got High", a Mim/"Ugly Girl" thing, something to "Unwritten", one for “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”, and a "Dancing Queen" one.
The videos that went through the most edits were "Kingdom/Office", "Jump in the Line", "Women's Underwear", “Don’t Stop Believing”, the new credits, and "Sharp Dressed Man".
Hardest ones were "Can you picture that", the intro and outro, "You Spin Me Right Round", and "Filthy, Gorgeous".
The Chippendale dance and the Spongeman Rock Opera are used the most out of all the clips.
Many times I kept thinking of dropping the whole thing all together.
Half of the music clips are ideas for future music videos that maybe made, but might not be.
I will be posting the Opening and the Ending Credits later either tonight or tomorrow for everyone to watch.
Adobe Premiere didn’t give me grief during the construction of this, thank God.