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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 7-16-12

July 18th, 2012 (02:11 pm)

So after a very, VERY bad Raw, does this one hold up, especially after Money in the Bank?

WWE Raw Review – 7/16/12

Recap of what happened last week:
So…. Much….. HATE!!!!!!
Three matches that were less than two minutes each.
Bob Backlund came out to pwn Heath Slatter. No one cared.
AJ proposed to CM Punk. Daniel Bryan proposed to her. There was a match in there between all three plus Eve-Tessmacher. Ended with AJ slapping both men and skipping away. No one cared.
Tag action that ended with a DQ because Show pulled Cena out of the ring and beat him and Kane up. Cena pwned Show with a ladder after Show tried to break Jericho by squishing him with a ladder. No one cared.

Yeah it wasn’t a great Raw. And TNA Impact was better than Raw. Also, there was a PPV the upcoming Sunday. What, didn’t you know? Results are as follow:
R-Truth and Kofi retain the titles against Hunico and Camacho, Ziggler won the World heavyweight champion Money in the bank match, Miz returned and now looks like Kyle Reese from the first Terminator movie, Sheamus retained the title and Ziggler tried to cash in, but was promptly pwned, Primo and Epico beat Darren Young and Titus O’neal and no one gave a fuck, AJ ditches Daniel and Punk during the match, but Punk retained the title so no one cared, random diva match that no one cared, Ryback killed some dudes, Cena won the WWE Money in the bank title match by accident, and no one is surprised.

One week away from episode 1000 and with several weeks of less than stellar episodes, plus the somewhat lackluster Money in the Bank, who knows what’s going to happen on this episode. What’ll happen with the whole Daniel Bryan/AJ/CM Punk love triangle that has just descended into a bad soap opera? Who will be the next WWE Legend to beat the tar out of Heath Slatter? Who will Cena burry now since Big Show was defeated? How long will it take me to have a Spoony Styled “WRESTLE! WRESTLE!!” break down or have a “Betrayal!” moment? All this and more on this episode of Jaded Raw Reviews.
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Well it was better than last week, but by a little bit. It’s gonna be obvious that Cena will lose next week with what Big Show said. Plus, didn’t you know that next week is episode 1000? It’s not like it wasn’t SHILLED LIKE TEN TIMES DURING THE SHOW! As for the rest of it, there were some good moments and matches. Punk/Show and Dolph’s promos were also quite good. Disappointed by the lack of reaction to Rey and Miz from the crowd. I can see this AJ/Daniel wedding going to end in tears. Overall, I give it a 5 out of 10, especially for Rikishi coming out and his dance with the Usos.

Next week, Raw episode 1000 and the jump to three hours. Will it suck?


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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 7-9-12

July 10th, 2012 (06:15 pm)

So I finally got a Twitter account. You can find me under Shinigami or Julie S. Last night as Raw was gonig on, I posted my thoughts as I watched. This one... was NOT good at all.  So bad that I might actually start watching TNA Impact now.  If you want to find out how bad, check under the cut

WWE Raw Review – 7/9/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Another not so good episode.
Heath Slatter had a two for one attack from Doink the Clown and Diamond Dallas Page, the former he DID beat, the latter Diamond Cuttered him like a jobber.
Jericho was compared to Bon Jovi by CM Punk in a six man promo that had Cena being annoying and ended with Big Show killing everyone.
AJ was nuttier than ever, biting off a Rose blossom and kissing, then shoving Punk into Daniel Bryan, both going through a table she had set up.
Alberto was called something in Spanish that can’t be said on a PG show as he squashed Sin Cara.
The whole Brock Lesner/Triple H/Paul Heyman thing is growing annoying.
Tyson Kidd somehow managed to beat Tensai in his first win in a long time on Raw.
Big Show killed Kane. No one cared.
Jericho and Daniel Bryan came up with Fozzy’s next hit by combining their catch phrases. Yay.

Well tonight’s GM is Zack “Woo Woo Woo” Ryder, who won a battle royal on Smackdown. Not sure what’ll happen later, but with how Raw hasn’t been up to snuff lately, especially with the lead up to episode 1000, I’m not all that pumped. Rumor has it that Bob Backlund might be on to attack Heath, so yeah. All this, plus AJ becoming more and more batshit crazy and build up for Money in the Bank this weekend on this episode of Jaded Raw Reviews.
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Wow… This… was Really Bad. As in it was worse than last week’s Raw. All but one of the matches was over two minutes and that was Cena’s match, which had TWO commercial breaks and ended on a DQ. The storylines were bad as well with the whole AJ/Daniel Bryan/CM Punk thing growing stale quickly. Plus, whose bright idea was to have HORNSWOGGLE as the Anonymous Raw GM? Hell, who thought it’d be great to bring THAT BACK!? I even didn’t get happy when Bob Fucking Backlund came out and slapped the Cross-face Chicken Wing on Heath Slatter! Maybe I’ve gotten jaded over watching Raw for a year, ever since CM Punk’s first epic pipebomb to start summer, and had to watch so much crap mixed in with some decent wrestling. Now, it’s just been getting crappier and crappier over the past several weeks. Even WITH Johnny Acehole gone, it’s still getting worse and worse. Overall, I’m giving this a 3.5 out of ten, which I think is the first time I gave a Raw something less than 4.

I shudder to think what’ll happen at Money in the Bank and the Raw after it…. And what’ll happen on the 1000th episode….

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 7-2-12

July 4th, 2012 (02:09 pm)

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!  The countdown to episode 1000 continues on with another Raw that... wasn't great.

WWE Raw Review – 7/2/12

Recap of what happened last week:
AJ is growing more and more nutty every week with her talking to a mirror and hitting on Punk, Kane, and Daniel Bryan.
Vickie was in charge and actually did a decent job.
There was a pointless contract on a pole match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto. Somewhere, Vince Russo is grinning.
Big Show killed Brodus Clay. No one gave a fuck.
Kane called AJ unstable. That’s scary.
Swagger jobbed to Santino. Yeah…
Cena announced he’s gonna be in the Raw Money in the Bank to stop Big Show after making a bunch of stupid Star Wars Jokes. Jericho came out and called him out on that. They are both in it with Big Show and Kane.
Heath was killed by Sycho Fucking Sid, who looked pretty good.
There was a Diva Beach Themed Battle Royal with AJ winning. Eyecandy for boys and nothing else.
Jericho and Cena had a match, but ended in a DQ because Big Show came out and beat the tar out of Cena. Yay.

Not a good show last week, but with tonight having Teddy Long in charge, new possibilities of who’ll beat up Slatter, more Cena/Big Show boring shit, Brock answering Triple H’s challenge, a Cena/CM Punk Vs Jericho and Daniel Bryan tag match for the main event, and who knows what with AJ, who knows what’ll happen. Money is on Diamond Dallas Page, Sergeant Slaughter, or Ron Simmons appearing to beat up Heath, but with the WWE track record, who knows. All this and more on tonight’s Jaded Raw Review.
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Uh, wow? That ending was… interesting to say the least. Match was pretty good, until the screwy ending. As for the rest of the show, it… wasn’t good. Most of them were either no contests or not that good. The last match was the only really good match. Some good promos and backstage moments were sprinkled in it, but aside from that, nothing super awesome. Awesome to see DDP and was very, very shocked to see Doink of all people. Overall, not a good show, and I’ll give it a 4.5 out of 10.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 6-25-12

June 26th, 2012 (07:07 pm)

So now that the Acehole is gone and build up for Money in the Bank has begun, what's gonna happen now?  Check under the cut to find out on this Raw on the Third year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah.

WWE Raw Review – 6/25/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Johnny Acehole was FINALLY fired and went through a humiliation conga that was awesome.
AJ is now Harley Quinn to Kane’s Joker when she came skipping out dressed like him.
Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler have broken up with Dolph still getting Vickie’s love.
Triple H and Paul Heyman had another confrontation with Hunter demanding a match with Brock at Summerslam and Paul saying NO!
Mick Foley, Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter, and Rowdy Roddy Piper were the celebrity guests for Raw. Mick only appeared for a bit in the beginning and Cyndi and Piper had a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming together, but then had a Crowning Moment of Awesome when they beat up Heath Slatter.
Random tag team match that no one cares about.
Cena gave Johnny Acehole three AA’s and a STF after he was abandoned by Big Show and David Otunga.

So Raw #1000 is coming closer and we have confirmation that not only Chris Jericho is returning to Raw, but Vickie will be the guest Raw GM for this Raw. We’re also gonna have Brodus Vs Big Show and Cena, who had tweeted before the show that he’s got a make history tonight. Place your bets on what’ll happen, plus which legendary WWE wrestler/superstar is going to be on tonight’s Jaded Raw Review.
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Welp, that was… kinda alright, I guess. Highlights were the first match, Sid’s return, Jericho’s return, and a few other bits like the whole AJ thing. The rest was… not good. Big Show squashed Brodus, the Diva’s thing was boring as fuck, the Pole match was pointless, and Cena is now going after the WWE Title…. Again! We don’t need Cena to be champion AGAIN, not to mention the whole “I must save the WWE from so-and-so” angle is OLD! Bottom line, let someone other than Cena shine again! Over all, I give this a 4.5 out of ten because of the things I mentioned.

BTW: is it official that Heath Slatter is now Cole’s new boy crush now that Johnny’s gone?

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The Spoony One.

June 22nd, 2012 (11:06 am)

current mood: shocked

This is for anyone who are or were fans of The Spoony One.

I've been a fan of his for about a year right now and a fan of Channel Awesome/That Guy With The Glasses for longer than that. I'm still a fan after all that's been happening these past several weeks and I've kept my mouth shut about it, but right now, with the latest news, I think it's time to let me say a few words.

I first heard about his personal problems (heart condition/break up with his girlfriend) when I became a serious fan, and I was around when he made the announcement that he was diagnosed with depression.  I never had depression nor do I know anyone who has it so I can't officially say I know how he feels or do anything to offer advice.  Even so, I still kept on being a fan.  I even frequented his Twitter to hear his latest thoughts on movies and Wrestling, getting a laugh over some of his crazy posts.

Then I heard about his suspension over something that had happened via his twitter and I was surprised.  Rumors said it had to deal with a offensive joke he made about a fellow contributer, JesuOtaku, and that another one, Lupa, got mad at him, even though the post happened weeks, almost a month, ago.  Then they brought up how he was lashing out at some fans that were trying to help him.  I continued to read people giving their thoughts about his self destructive behavior and rage attacks at anyone who tried to offer advice or tell him to do something about his problems.

And now, he's been fired, and I don't know what to think.  I still love watching his videos, yes, and hearing what he has to say about movies, tv, and wrestling, but I can't help but cringe when he snaps at people - fans, friends, etc - that try to give him advice.  Like I said, I know nothing about depression so I can't say if this recent behavior is part of it or if its something relating to something else that's wrong.  Some fans think it might even been suicidal behavior or something akin to it.  All I know is I will still watch his videos on his site, but I dunno what to think or who to be angry at.  Yes, I know it's wrong for him to lash out at his friends and fans for trying to offer him help or advice, but on the other hand, he's going through a bad patch and I hope he starts to get out of this funk he's in.  I will still be a fan of his work, though...

I just don't know what to say about this anymore except I still like you Spoony, but whatever is going on with you, do whatever you can do to get out of this funk.  Take however much time off if that's what you need to do to get better.  I will still support you as a fan, but please, don't push away all those who care about you (family and friends).

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 6-18-12

June 21st, 2012 (12:08 pm)

The aftermath of No Way Out is the topic of this Raw.  What happened?  Let's find out.

WWE Raw Review – 6/18/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Vince McMahon almost fired Johnny Acehole, but of course, shenanigans occurred before he could say those two words. However, Vince was awesome and destroys Johnny’s scooter and danced with Naomi and Cameron.
Vader of all people returned and pwned Heath Slatter.
Sheamus beat Tensai, who in turn beat the tar out of Sakamoto.
R-Truth got knocked the fuck out by Big Show, who then destroyed Kofi and knocked Vince out at the end of the show.
Daniel Bryan and Kane lost to CM Punk and AJ, who practically made out with Kane to ensure the victory. Crazy AJ is… crazy.
Dolph beat Jack Swagger, Khali, and Christian to battle Sheamus at No Way Out in place of Alberto, who got a concussion.

As for the results of No Way Out, they are as follow:
Brodus beat Otunga via count out, Sheamus retains his title in a great match, Santino beat Ricardo in a boring tuxedo match, Christian retains his title against Cody Rhodes, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are the number one contenders for the tag titles, Triple H challenges Brock Lesner to a match at Summerslam, Layla retains her title against Beth, AJ is a slut, Sin Cara beat Hunico again, Punk retains the title, Ryback killed two more jobbers, and Cena beat Big Show with help from Brodus Clay and several faces, Acehole is fired, and Cena AA’s him through the Spanish Announce table.

So Johnny is canned, but who’s to say he won’t come back for trouble? Also, new storylines to lead us into the summer and the next ppv’s have been created. Who will Cena go after now? Who will AJ flirt with tonight? Who’s next for Ryback to kill? Will there be another old school wrestler popping in for the lead up to the 1000th Raw episode? Who will be the new GM? All this and more if you give a crap in this Jaded Raw Review.

Intro and we are live in Long Island, NY with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael “DIAF” Cole.
Check under the hoodCollapse )

Well, good-f’en-bye Johnny Ace. I hope you don’t pop up on my TV for a long time, but knowing the WWE, I won’t be surprised if he comes back next week for some contrived reason. As for the rest of the show, it… wasn’t all that great. Only two matches were good or great: the tag match with Punk, Sheamus, DB, and Kane, and Dolph Vs Jack. Mick wasn’t in the show much even though he was the GM for the night. The Cyndi/Wendi/Piper/Heath segment was a bit bad I admit, but it wasn’t horrible in my opinion. The rest of it wasn’t all that great, though. I’d give it a 5 out of 10 mostly for Piper, the first match, Mick, and the fact I’m a Cyndi Lauper fan.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 6-11-12

June 13th, 2012 (08:10 pm)

A special three hour Raw as we countdown not just No Way Out, but the 1000th episode of Raw.

WWE Raw Review – 6/11/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Michael Cole made some actual good points about the Cena/Show feud, which was scary.
Cena in turned beat the tar out of him and humiliated him after beating Tensai for the first time. It was both amusing and cringeworthy at the same time. Cole was also ruthlessly teased about the upcoming match by King. BE A STAR, Everyone!
Nice match between Sheamus and Dolph, which ended with Alberto and Ricardo jumping Sheamus after he won.
We learn that Vince McMahon will be appearing next week to evaluate Johnny Acehole.
Sin Cara and Hunico had a match with little to no botching. Holy crap!
CM Punk lost to Kane in the only really, really good match. AJ tried to flirt with Kane in order to get away from him, making the Big Red Machine confused.
Kofi and R-Truth no sold their injuries from last week as they participated in tag action.
Ryback made his Raw debut and killed two skinny jobbers. No one cared.

So tonight, Vinnie-Mac is back on TV for the first time in months to evaluate Johnny Acehole. Will he be interrupted before his final thoughts? Will he fire Johnny without interruption or will he let him keep his job? What will Big Show do to earn more heat against Cena? What kind of craziness will AJ pull next? All this, plus an extra hour to fill this in, along with a match to find out the new number one contender for Sheamus’s title due to Del Rio getting a concussion, as we go into our next Jaded Raw Review.
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I totally called it when it came to Vince’s job evaluation of Johnny. I however didn’t call Vader’s return. So yeah, final promo was alright and Cena does make some good points when he calls out Show on his complaints. As for the whole show, it did have some crap points (the mixed tag match and Show’s beating on Kofi. There were some good matches though, including Sheamus/Tensai and the Fatal Four Way. Vince and Vader were the obvious highlights. Overall, not bad of a show and I’ll give it a 7 out of 10, mostly for Vince and Vader’s return, plus some random good things.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 6-4-12

June 6th, 2012 (05:39 pm)

WWE Raw Review – 6/4/12

Recap of what happened last week:
A good show finally!!!
Big Show did a great promo and made some good points, plus he pretty much killed R-Truth, Kofi, and Brodus Clay, plus pounded on Alex Riley and threatened Santino.
Cena didn’t show up at all on the show.
Dolph is thinking of going solo after he and Swagger lost to Truth and Kofi.
Santino got squashed by Alberto.
CM Punk revealed that he was on the cover of WWE ’13 and not Johnny Acehole, but lost to Daniel Bryan in a very good match.
Christian beat Miz, who complained about his lost. He then got RKO’ed by Randy, who is now suspended for 60 days for failing the Wellness Policy for the second time.
Sheamus beat the tar out of Otunga. No surprise there.
I still want Vince to come back. Either him or Steve Austin to come out and give Johnny Acehole a reality check.

Cena will appear tonight to deal with Show and Acehole, so we’ll get some development in this crap. Also, will AJ successfully seduce Punk and who will Big Show kill tonight? Plus, Dolph going single and apparently has hired Mason Ryan as his bodyguard in a live show, will anything come from that? All this and more on Jaded Raw Review.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Decent show with some good matches tonight, but there was still some shit. Punk Vs Kane was good, so were the tag match and Sheamus Vs Ziggler. Sin Cara and Hunico was… alright, I guess. Cena finally beats Tensai but who really gives a fuck? Yes, it was fun to see Cena beat the tar out of Cole, but it was just… Ugh. Also, you KNEW there was gonna be shenanigans and there was with Tensai attacking Cena. However, they gave us Cena managing to recover suddenly and beating Cole. Even so, the match itself was pretty bad. Plus, King taunting Cole about it got really tired after the fourth time. As for promos, the beginning bit was crap, too. I still don’t know what to think of AJ being batshit crazy and her hitting on Josh was kinda creepy. Ryback was cool when he was called Goldberg and Steven Seagal was called Casey Ryback in Under Siege. Overall, good, but not super good. I’d give it a 6 out of ten.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 5-28-12

May 30th, 2012 (07:45 pm)

Finally, a Raw that doesn't suck! Film at eleven:

WWE Raw Review – 5/28/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Another not so great show…. Three in a row.
Cena was pissed about Show’s heal turn and was forced in a two on three lumberjack match with Sheamus as his teammate against Ziggler, Swagger, and Tensai.
Acehole is still boring and screwed up on the time he re-hired Big Show, which had to be corrected by Cole.
Santino and Ricardo had a slightly amusing moment. One of the few moments that I enjoyed.
Jericho has gone batshit crazy and hit three code breakers on Randy Orton.
Daniel Bryan bitched and moan about the screwed up ending at Over the Limit and was promptly killed by Kane as Punk watched on commentary, another moment that didn’t suck.
AJ had a nervous breakdown in front of Punk, who tried to comfort her.
Jinder Mahal actually had a decent match, but lost to new Intercontinental Champion Christian.
Big Show one hit KOed Cena at the end of the show after Acehole announced that if anyone touches him, they’d be fired.

So will it be four for four in terms of suckage tonight? Is anyone really giving a crap about the whole Acehole/Cena/Big Show thing? Will AJ and Jericho go crazier tonight? Is Sergeant Slaughter going to appear tonight since its Memorial Day? We’ll find out tonight on this episode of Jaded Raw Review.

Before the main opening, we have a special video package for Memorial Day.

Recap of the whole Cena/Acehole/Show thing last week. Thing to note is that Cena is in grey scale except for his green outfit.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
FINALLY! A Raw that didn’t suck! Some good matches and storyline development, too. Punk/Bryan, the Tag match, and Miz/Christian were entertaining to watch. Show’s promo at the start was also pretty good, especially since Show made some valid points. Still want Cole and Johnny to disappear and never come back. Cole was extremely annoying several times during the show, especially at the points I mentioned above and Johnny is a vacuum. I’ll leave the rest of the joke to you. Big Show’s destructing at the end was powerful and quite painful to watch, and I don’t mean that it was bad, I mean it looked like it hurt a few times. Overall, a definite improvement and deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 5-21-12

May 23rd, 2012 (07:10 pm)

Another crappy Raw, making it three in a row. How bad was it and what happened at Over the Limit? Check under the cut.

WWE Raw Review – 5/21/12

Recap of what happened last week:
It… wasn’t a great show like the week before.
Triple H is now being sued by Brock Lesner and Paul Heyman. No one cares.
Finally had some matches longer than two or three minutes.
Punk teamed up with Santino against Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan.
Johnny Acehole fired Big Show after humiliating him terribly. No one was happy.
Sheamus joined on commentary in a match between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.
Cena and Johnny had an confrontation which had Cena channeling Ace Ventura and it was interrupted by a fax from the Board of Directors about Johnny’s match, stating that if anyone under WWE contract interferes, they’ll be fired, and if Johnny loses, he’ll be fired. Predictions of Big Show or Brock Lesner getting involved have been made.
When is Vince coming back?

As for Over the Limit, the results are as follow:
Kane killed Ryder in the pre-show match, Christian made his return and won a battle royal to challenge for a title and challenges Cody for the I.C. title that night, Kofi and R-Truth retain their tag titles, Layla retained the Diva’s title, Sheamus retains his title in the Fatal Four Way, Miz is turning into Spoony while channeling Michael Jackson and loses to Brodus Clay, Christian is now the Intercontinental champ, CM Punk retains his title in a match of the year epic match, Ryback pwns some dudes, including Meng Jr. AKA Camacho, and yes, as predicted, Big Show interfered and Cena lost to Johnny Acehole.

So we’re stuck with Acehole for much longer, now, and with the possibility of Cena being fired or leaving because of his current divorce, what’s now gonna happen? Plus what further updates will we have on Brock Lesner suing the WWE and any more stupidity coming to us on the latest Jaded Raw Review.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Wow, that sucked as well. The whole Big Show being rehired flub was a big screw up and was quickly covered up by King and Cole. Aside from a few moments, including some decent in ring action, this was as bas as the last two weeks have been. I dunno what the hell is wrong with Raw lately, but this is the third Raw in a row that wasn’t good at all. Punk was funny still, I liked his promo with Daniel, Cena and Sheamus were good in action, and the big brawl at the end was entertaining, but the rest of it wasn’t any good. I’d give this a 4.5 out of ten, for this wasn’t a good show.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 5-14-12

May 16th, 2012 (01:06 pm)

Is Raw this week better than last? Not by much.

WWE Raw Review – 5/14/12

Recap of what happened last week:
It… wasn’t a great show.
Johnny initiated a rule about bring punishment to anyone who mocks him in anyways. Big Show suffered due to this and forced to apologize thanks to Eve threatening to fire him.
Punk was forced to fight both Tensai and Daniel Bryan in a two-on-one match.
Most of the matches were not entertaining, squash matches, or just… lame.
Cena does a video interview with Michael Cole, promising that he’ll be at Over the Limit, despite having fluid in his injured elbow.
Cole is back to being a douche after his somewhat change the week prior.
Sheamus and Randy lost to Jericho and Alberto in tag action and Johnny makes Sheamus’s title match into a fatal four way with the other three his opponents.
Paul Freaking Heyman came out and announced through a letter from Brock Lesner that Brock has quit the WWE. Real or not, no one is sure, but thank God.
I actually comments that I missed Vince McMahon.
We get an update on Triple H’s injury, which has him in a strange arm brace for kayfabe reasons.

As for tonight, John Cena will be here as will Triple H. Here’s to praying that Triple H bitches out Johnny Acehole for his actions. We are six nights away from Over the Limit. However, who is to say as we go into a new Jaded Raw Review.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
So, it was better than last week, but not by much. There were at least three matches that were good or really good. We also had some decent promos, too. However, there were some pretty bad moments. First, the lawsuit, really? They never really go over well and if the Little People’s Court isn’t involved, it won’t be entertaining. Second, there is some serious lack of build up for the Punk/Daniel Bryan match, which will probably be one of the few good things at Over the Limit. Third, Show’s firing. I’ve already said what I had to say about it. It was stupid, it went on for too long, I want Johnny to DIAF so badly, and I’m sure Show will be involved in Johnny and Cena’s match with those stipulations, most likely to help Johnny to win because it’ll be the only way he can get his job back. Overall, not as bad as last weeks, but pretty bad, earning it a 5.5 out of 10.

When is Vince coming back?

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 5-7-12

May 8th, 2012 (07:48 pm)

This was a pretty weak Raw.  Check under the cut for the full report.

WWE Raw Review – 5/7/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Triple H came out and denied all of Brock’s ‘big deals’, which in turn got his arm broken by Brock.
The Bella’s were fired after they lost to the newly returned Layla.
Eve continues being Miss Tessmacher to Johnny Acehole, now sporting glasses at one moment.
We had a Beat the Clock challenge and there were five matches. Two were excellent, one was very blah, and the other two were pretty good, even though one ended with a botch. Winner was Daniel Bryan who will face CM Punk at Over the Limit.
Michael Cole is actually starting to mellow out more with his reactions near the end of the show. Still won’t change the fact he’s still a dick.
Another Brodus Clay squash match, but the ending feature him bring in a few kids to dance, which was cute.
R-Truth and Kofi are now the tag team champions. I christen them “Kool Truth”.
Cena ended up coming out, despite having some muscle strain in his left arm, and ended up being attacked by Tensai, Sakamoto, AND JOHNNY ACE, who reveals that HE is gonna be fighting Cena at “The Over Limit”. Johnny has now become Vince McMahon Version 2.0, minus any charisma and charm.

So for this week, we’ve got the fall out of Brock’s attack of Triple H, build up for Over the Limit, and the fall out of Johnny attacking Cena. What’s going to happen now? We’ll find out in this Jaded Raw Review.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Man this wasn’t really that good. Yeah, it was awesome to see Paul Heyman, but aside from that, nothing. The crowd was pretty much dead at many points, the matches weren’t all that great, and the whole flow of it was… really screwy. Johnny’s whole presence drains a lot of the energy from it. Punk was still awesome, but aside from his promo at the start and some alright action in his match at the end, he was pretty much screwed over. The matches, as stated, weren’t all that great. Diva’s match was blah, Kofi/Dolph was alright, but not that great, Brodus had a pretty damn good match, Sheamus/Randy Vs Jericho/Alberto was also entertaining, Cody/Show was several seconds longer than Sheamus/Daniel at Wrestlemania, and this final match was pretty much a “Let’s beat up Punk” marathon with Punk getting some good defense a few times. Aside from anything that was good, this was a pretty weak show and I’m giving it a 5 out of ten just for the few good matches and Paul Freaking Heyman.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 4-30-12

May 5th, 2012 (01:07 pm)

Pardon the lateness of this posting, but here's the Jaded Raw Review for this week.

WWE Raw Review – 4/30/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Edge showed up and told Cena to wake the fuck up and smell the maple nut crunch when it came to wrestling Brock Lesner.
Acehole made me want to punch him a dozen times, especially how he treats Teddy Long like his own personal bitch.
Jericho was in a match and gave Punk a basket full of booze. This led to one of the worst moments of this feud: Punk being forced to do a sobriety test. However, Punk trolled us and Jericho and prompted to beat the tar out of him.
Eve has been made Acehole’s Miss Tessmacher and made a Diva’s version of a Lumberjack match that ended with Nikki beating Beth for the title. Beth seems to have a kayfabe knee injury.
Brock proves that he still stinks at promos, makes Johnny Acehole sign a list of his demands, and nearly killed Josh Matthews.
Tensai kills R-Truth, Brodus Clay and his girls nearly pounded on Vickie thanks to her causing a DQ, some tag matches that no one really cares about, and Daniel Bryan does a fast count in a match between Sheamus and Mark Henry.
Paul Bearer also came back only to be shoved into a meat freezer twice.
Brock and Cena had their contract signing. No beat downs occurred.

As for the results of Extreme Rules: Santino retains the US title, Orton beat Kane, Brodus pwned Ziggler, Cody wins the IC title in a very amusing way, Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan in a close match, some guy named Ryback beat the tar out of two jobbers, Punk defeated Jericho, Layla returned and beat Nikki, even though many wished for Kharma, and Cena beats Brock, making tons of fans call shenanigans! Also Cena says he’s taking time off because of his arm. Wonderful.

For this week’s Raw, rumor has it that Triple H might make a return. Plus what will happen with Jericho and Punk’s feud and Brock’s demands last week?

And here we go with a recap of Cena’s match against Brock and his farewell. Intro (with a “staring Brock Lesner” as promised last week), pryos, and we’re live with Jerry “The King” Lawler” and Michael “Will never be Bobby Hennan” Cole.
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Alright, I know they’ve been building up Johnny as an Acehole and all, but I did NOT expect this. I’ve been waiting for Johnny to get in a match with someone and I had hoped for it to be CM Punk. However, I did NOT expect Johnny to go full on Vince McMahon on CENA like that! Plus, Johnny, you’re breaking your own rules about being personally involved in wrestling against other guys. Y’know, what you said Triple H was going last year? Hypocrite.

As for the whole show, it was alright and entertaining. The Beat the Clock challenge was a nice little change with some good action from guys like Miz, Daniel Bryan, Jericho, Swagger, and Santino. Nice to see Kofi and R-truth going somewhere and being tag team champs, even though I don’t think anyone cares about the tag titles anymore. I’m also glad to see that the Jericho/Punk feud has died down now and leading to the Punk/Daniel feud for Over the Limit. As for Johnny’s turn to Vince McMahon minus the personality and charisma, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m still gonna be happy when he’s out of here. Plus, his feud with Cena is just going to be stupid and idiotic when Vince did it with Austin, it was more entertaining since Vince actually made you believe he HATED Austin. Overall, a 6.5 out of ten.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 4-23-12

April 24th, 2012 (08:48 pm)

We're in the finaly days before Extreme Rules and we ahve a special three hour Raw to showcase it.

WWE Raw Review – 4/23/12

Recap of what happened last week:
CM Punk and Mark Henry had a really good match, but the Jericho/Punk feud is still annoying.
A few cruddy matches including Otunga failing at pinning Santino, a meh tag team match that included Big Show and Great Khali (?!) and Kane killing Ryder.
Tensai beat Cena in an “Extreme Rules” match and green misted him in the eyes.
Daniel Bryan renamed his LaBell Lock to the “YESlock”. No one was amused.
Brock is bad at promos, but Cena does a decent one in response.
I miss Vince McMahon.
I also wanted Cole to Shut up.
Vickie shoved one of Brodus Clay’s girls after Brodus beat Dolph with a DQ due to Swagger attacking him, but Brodus and the other girl takes her out.
A nice video package done in dedication of the late Chief Jay Strongbow.
R-Truth pretended to be Sherlock Holmes since they were in London and it was awesome.

So tonight is a three hour special Raw with the main attraction being the big contract signing between Brock Lesner and John Cena, which is said to open the show. What’ll happen? Will there be shenanigans and/or a brawl between the two? And what is Jericho gonna do this week to Punk? Beer Truck ALA Stone Cold? Spray him with a keg? All this and more on this special three hour Jaded Raw Reviews!
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Well, that was an interesting show. It was an awesome surprise to see Edge and Paul Bearer. Some good matches and we finally have Jericho in action again for the first time in several weeks. I was extremely disgusted with the whole bit with Punk having to do the drunkenness testing (whatever happened to using a breathalyzer?), but it did get a bit better when Punk showed he was faking it and beat the tar out of Jericho. I hope Beth’s ankle injury isn’t real. The rest of the matches were either alright, decent, or when it came to the Brodus/Horny tag match and the Sheamus match, they were bleh. Brock still can’t cut promos that well, even though he was doing alright at the start of his bit with Acehole, who I sure now know how Vince felt last year. Overall, a 7.5 out of ten, mostly for the surprise appearances of Edge and Paul and a few really good or good matches.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 4-16-12

April 17th, 2012 (10:07 pm)

WWE Raw Review – 4/16/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Brock Lesner busted open John Cena’s lip during a big ass brawl straight out of HBK/Triple H circa 2004.
Santino and Brodus Clay are a promising tag team and I like how they’re using Brodus.
A-Train/Tensai is still a strong mofo that beat the tar out of Yoshi Tatsu.
Teddy Long has become Johnny Acehole’s man-slave and it’s disturbing.
The guys playing the Three Stooges in that upcoming stupid ass movie did a bunch of slap stick fail and only time I laughed was when Kane chokeslammed the fake Curly.
The CM Punk/Jericho feud is still very disturbing for me and I don’t know why.
Some forgettable moments mixed in, specifically anything with the fake stooges.
Cena fought against Otunga and won, earning him a kick in the balls from Lesner.

Tonight is in London and who knows what’s gonna happen next between Brock and Cena, plus the disgusting storyline between Punk and Jericho as Punk has another match against Mark Henry, one with no DQ and no count outs.

So here we got with intro, pryos and we’re live in London, England with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael “The asskisser” Cole.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Welp, suffice to say, I did NOT expect that ending. Cena actually lost, but due to being blinded by the green mist, which made me think of Tajiri. As for the rest of the show, at most there were three good matches (Punk/Henry, Bryan/Kofi, and Cena/Tensai) while the others were either no contests or just lame. Brock is still kinda crappy when it comes to promos while Cena had a decent one. Jericho and Punk’s feud… you already know how I feel about it. Overall, a decent show but not awesome. I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10 for some decent action and storyline prgressing.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 4-9-12

April 11th, 2012 (03:40 pm)

After coming off of a very good episode last week, how does this week's Raw measure up?

WWE Raw Review – 4/9/12

Recap of what happened last week:
A better show than last week.
Santino has a new bff in Brodus Clay, who helped save him from a beat down after Santino beat Ziggler and Swagger in a triple threat match.
Rock announces that he’ll be the WWE champion sometime in the future. Well, lets just wait and see, Rock.
CM Punk and Mark Henry had an awesome match, but ended on a count out with new GM Johnny Acehole promising trouble for Punk. Oh, and Jericho poured a bottle of Jack down a semi-conscious Punk’s mouth, then smashed another bottle over his head.
A-Train AKA Albert made his return as Tensai and kicked some serious ass.
Alberto del Rio made his return to challenge Sheamus for the title.
The audience was hysterical with Daniel Bryan chants and “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants.
Some random matches, including Zack Ryder losing to the Miz.
Cena tries to ask Rock to come out to talk. Instead, he gets BROCK FUCKING LESNER, who F-5’s him. The fans went wild.

So we’ve got a debut, a return, and a HOLY SHIT WTF return last week. Who knows what’s going to happen next now that Johnny Acehole is in charge of both shows and his promise to ruin Punk’s life.

Up tonight as we start are the Guest Host being announced as the Fake Three Stooges, why? Also, a rematch between CM Pukn and Mark Henry.
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Well, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as great as last week’s Raw. Crowd was into it, but it wasn’t as hot as the crowd last week. Some good matches, plus a good promo from Punk. I had absolutely NO LOVE for the Three Stooges thing. In fact, the only good things were the Fake Curly’s almost spot on impression of Hulk Hogan and Kane chokeslamming him. I’m enjoying the new usage of Brodus Clay by having him work with Santino and Tensai is providing to be a new destructive force. On the other hand, if you saw my rant about the Jericho/Punk feud, the storyline is still disturbing me. As for everything else, the matched were almost all entertaining, no Diva’s matches aside from Eve making a random appearance, Teddy being Johnny Acehole’s man-slave-guy is not amusing, and the big brawl at the beginning with Brock and Cena was entertaining. Overall, a 6 out of 10, mostly due to the Fake Three Stooges dulling the show along with some decent action.

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An Evening with Colin and Brad review

April 7th, 2012 (06:11 pm)

current mood: accomplished

An Evening with Colin and Brad
March 31, 2012
Proctors Theatre

Time Start: 8:04
Break: 9:17-9:31
End: 10:27

Pre-show notes:
Pretty much was a full house by 8.
Music playing before the show.
Set-up: Two stools, 2 mikes, and a yellow pages.
My dad and I were almost last seat in the back in the middle.

The Show:
Some guys from a local radio station came out first to promote some website called weeklytap.com because 20 people there won free tickets to the show. They then leave and Colin and Brad finally came out.
Check under the hoodCollapse )

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 4-2-12

April 5th, 2012 (07:47 pm)

Debuts, returns, and the fall out of Wrestlemania in this belated Jaded Raw Review.

WWE Raw Review – 4/2/12

Recap of what happened last week:
A pretty crappy show. Only one match was over two stars, and it was a tag match.
Booker T joined the gang on commentary and got involved to rescue Teddy Long from a Team Acehole beat down to reveal he’s on Teddy’s team for Wrestlemania.
Some decent video promo’s and a few in ring promo’s.
Lots of crap matches.
Jericho once again taunts Punk by saying he’s a bastard child. Punk proceeds to beat the tar out of Christian.
Just… just a really bad show.

As for Wrestlemania, here are the results:
Primo and Epico beat the Uso’s and Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd in a three way tag match before the show started.
Daniel Bryan lost to Sheamus in an 18 second squash match. The fans were not amused.
Kane beat Orton in a decent match.
Big Show knocks out Cody Rhodes and becomes the Intercontinental Champion.
Beth and Eve lost to Kellyx2 and Maria whats-her-name in an actually decent match.
Triple H lost to Undertaker in one of the best matches of the night, ending with a three way hug between the two and HBK. Oh, and Good Ol’ JR commentated during the match.
Team Acehole won against Team Teddy, then Eve kicked Zack Ryder in the balls, symbolizing how some of us felt after that clusterfuck of a match.
CM Punk made Jericho tap to win in the other best match of the night.
Random Brodus Clay appearance that made no sense.
Too much musical performances dull the senses of the fans watching.
The Rock beat a cocky John Cena in a very good match.

So now we got at least two title changes, three really good matches, and Johnny Acehole is now in charge of both Raw and Smackdown. I guarantee a lot of shenanigans on this next Raw after Wrestlemania.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
Ok, Cena’s promo was pretty good, but Holy shit on a fucking sandwich, Brock Lesner? What the fuck? Out of all the guys from the early-mid 2000’s, they bring back Lesner? So yeah. As for the rest of the show, definitely a step up from last week, especially with matches and new storylines. Still getting a bit disturbed over the Jericho/Punk storyline, but interested in what’s going to happen with it. As for everything else, great that Alberto’s back and some of the matches were pretty damn good, especially Punk’s match with Henry and Santino’s match with Ziggles and Swaggie. Overall, a 6.5 out of 10 with returns, a debut, and some good matches and promos.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 3-26-12

March 28th, 2012 (08:18 pm)

A really not that great episode as we head to Wrestlemania Weekend.

WWE Raw Review – 3/26/12

Recap of what happened last week:
Teddy Long and Johnny Acehole are still feuding and have added more to their teams. Already revealed is Santino, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston for Teddy’s team and Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Christian, and Mark Henry for Acehole’s team.
HBK Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and The Undertaker had a pretty cool confrontation with Undertaker planting seeds of doubt in the minds of the two bromancing duo.
Some decent matches, but some that were not all that great. Cody beat the hell out of Big Show after he lost to Kane, Otunga beat Santino, Daniel Bryan beat Zack Ryder, Cena no-selled a car accident and beat Mark Henry, Miz lost to Sheamus, and Aksana got into a cat fight with Vickie after she helped Dolph and Jack beat R-Truth and Kofi.
CM Punk talked about his father’s alcoholism, saying he’s proud of him fighting the problem. Jericho then started talking trash about Punk’s drug addicted sister, causing Punk to drop some f and s-bombs.
Rock did an epic promo in front of the Rocky statue, then came out after Cena’s match with Mark Henry and Rock Bottomed Mark.
Beth is going to fight some dumb bimbo named Maria Menuonous at Wrestlemania. Whatever.

Tonight, Raw is in Atlanta and Rock and Cena will have one more confrontation before Wrestlemania this weekend, plus more as we lead to the 28th Wrestlemania.

Before the show, there was an hour long special about The Rock and John Cena’s match at Wrestlemania, shots of them growing up, and all of the buildup to it.

And we are live with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael “The douchebag” Cole AND Booker T (yay!!)! King tells Cole to behave himself tonight.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
This… wasn’t really a great show. Yes, it did have some good build up for some of the matches, but the matches themselves were either very crappy or a little entertaining. In fact, the first match was the only one that I think was over two stars. Jericho’s promo was very good, but I still don’t like the whole “You’ll end up like your dad/you’re a literal bastard” storyline thing. Rock and Cena’s final promo wasn’t great, but it was sorta entertaining in a few parts. Overall, a 4.5 out of 10, one of my first under 5 scores.

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Brand New music video that ISN'T MJ related

March 25th, 2012 (01:07 pm)

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Last week I did a brand new video and my first one in a long time that isn't Michael Jackson related. It's to celebrate my favorite internet reviewers from That Guy with The Glasses and it's done to "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha.

I really, REALLY like how this turned out.