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Links to all my fics

January 1st, 2030 (10:23 am)

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This is for storage of my links for all my fanfics to be stored for future viewing:

A Midsummer Nightmare - WLIIA ALA A Midsummer Nights Dream:
Act 1, Scene 1
Act 1, Scene 2
Act 2, Scene 1
Act 2, Scene 2
Act 3, Scene 1
Act 3, Scene 2
Act 4, Scene 1
Act 4, Scene 2
Act 5, Scene 1

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Needing to vent about RAW and the WWE lately.

November 4th, 2013 (11:39 pm)

I apologize how dead my livejournal has gotten these past months, but real life keeps me away from it and there's hardly anyone here since Tumblr has become the go-to thing for posting stuff. However, since I don't have a Tumblr yet, I'm using this as an out-lite for my rage and anger. And tonight's rant is about WWE lately and why I've stopped doing my Raw Reviews. Warning, this is mostly uncut anger and rage.

So I've just finished catching the last several minutes of RAW tonight and I just have to ask something:

What the hell has happened to the WWE these past several years?

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I hate to say it, but I think I'm really, really close to stop watching wrestling all together. It's really stupid for me to keep watching wrestling in hopes to see something new or entertaining, but when I see good female wrestlers not being used correctly, stupid, reused storylines that are done badly, and good or great wrestlers being pushed aside for the same dull crap I've seen over and over again, it's hard to be hopeful. If they don't do something soon, I think they might be in serious trouble.

In short... yeah, it hasn't been a good couple of weeks in WWE.

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Jaded Raw Review - 4/29/13

May 1st, 2013 (09:17 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/29/13
Commentary is very good. Random Dominos shill. Recaps are decently done in the show.

Backstage: Bellas are still annoying. Cena gets ankle checked and Ryback and him banter. Kaitlyn is pretty badass and we get her in another love angle with a secret admirer. Vicki tries to change the match for Ryback tonight, but Ryback says no. Yeah..
Ryback leaves the building during a commercial break. Cena still wants to fight, even with the hurt foot.

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Overall: It was entertaining at some points with some good to decent matches like the last match, the opening match, Kofi/Ziggler, Alberto/Cesaro, and Orton/Cody. The Dance-Off and the Tug-Of-War was pointless, as were some of the random things in between like King ordering from Dominos again. The Crowd was good for some parts, especially during Alberto’s match. Was surprised that Cena was actually showing pain from his hurt foot and not trying to no-sell it. Overall, I’d give it a 6 out of ten – A good show, but not too great.

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Jaded Raw Review - 4/22/13

April 27th, 2013 (04:55 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/22/13
Misc.: Awesome British crowd tonight. Some decent recaps, including Punk’s weird promo.

Backstage: Random chopper entrance for Shield. Dolph flirts with his title and tells AJ to beat Kaitlyn after they both insult her. Vicki comes in to cockblock Aj and “Ziggly-Puff” (as AJ called him, lol) and to tell Dolph if he loses, his triple threat match at Extreme Rules will be a Fatal Four-way. Shield do their TNA-backstage style promo about beating Taker. Random Mick Foley. Kane is pacing and D-Bry is freaking out over Taker not being there. Also, Taker doesn’t take orders and doesn’t like hugs. Shield attacks the two in a very confusing moment. Nice cap, Ryback.

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Overall: Another great crowd with some really, REALLY good matches. Highlight of the night was the triple threat match. Jericho’s match was also very good. Foley cut a very awesome promo and love some of the storyline buildups. Also worth noting is that there were NO JOBBER ENTRANCES for anyone. I’d give this Raw a 7 out of 10 for two awesome matches and some decent other things.

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Jaded Raw Review - 4/13/13

April 17th, 2013 (06:56 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/15/13
Misc.: I guess JBL is a permanent commentator now. No problem with that. Crowd is pretty into things tonight. They show all of the Alberto/Ziggler match from last week.

Backstage: 3MB are balsy to be calling out The Shield. Alberto gets checked out in the back. Vickie and Brad are interrupted by Teddy Long about Alberto and comes up with Swagger Vs Ziggler for later. Ugh, Cena. Random Henry spearing Sheamus scared the fuck out of me. Booker makes a Triple Threat match between Alberto, Dolph, and Jack after getting pissed at Teddy for overstepping his bounds.
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Overall: Well it wasn’t as awesome as it was last week, but it was an ok show. We got some advancements in feuds like Show/Orton and Sheamus, Ziggler/Alberto/Swagger, and the fall out of Punk’s match with Taker, which was a pretty powerful moment. Some good matches like the Team Hell No match and Kofi’s match. Ryback’s got a good reason for his feud with Cena and I’m interested in seeing what’s going to happen. Overall, I give the show a 6.5 out of ten, mostly for some good and some bad, including some dull matches. Wonder what’s going to happen with Punk.

Oh, and did Sheamus take the last Snickers from the vending machine or stink up the last available stall in the men’s room, because what did he do to get Mark Henry suddenly spearing him in the back?

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Jaded Raw Review - 4/8/13

April 9th, 2013 (08:07 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/8/13
Misc.: JBL is still on commentary. Lots of Wrestlemania talk. They actually play one of the songs from the Second Rocky movie for the promos, “Going The Distance”.

Backstage: Vicki and Maddox are still annoying as hell. Sheamus wants to kick the bead off of “that giant piece of crap” Big Show. We are edging away from PG here. Booker and Randy bond over the HOF ring before Booker lets Randy have a match against Show. Dolph celebrates his win in the back and calls this his Wrestlemania moment. Sheamus and Randy have a lovers tiff in the back about wanting to fight Big Show. Heyman bitches and moans about Brock losing, but promises that he will fight tonight.

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Overall: The highlight of this Raw was the very, VERY active crowd, especially in the last hour and half. The chants starting around that time was incredible and it looked like the commentators were breaking character so many times due to the chants. Congratulations to Wade and Dolph for their title victories. Also, props for some equally awesome non-title matches including the four on four mixed tag match. Raw was tons of fun and liked it a lot. I’d give it an 8.5 out of ten due to some minor problems but with a totally awesome crowd.

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Jaded Raw Review - 4/1/13 (No, it's not an April Fools Joke)

April 2nd, 2013 (03:41 pm)

current mood: enraged

It's back. Jaded Raw Reviews are back for those that actually spend time reading these things. And I had to bring it back because of how pissed off I've been about certain storylines that the WWE have been pumping out.

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 4/1/13
Misc.: Bradshaw joins Cole and King for commentary – wOOt! Crap tons of Wrestlemania shilling. Tons of recaps throughout the night, specifically of Cena’s promo from the start. I hate the Touts, as usual.
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Overall, I give the show a 5.5 out of ten. Some good matches, good build up for Wrestlemania, at least two great promos, Shawn Michaels and Triple H bromance, and some misc stuff that was decent, but the reason I don’t give it a 6.5 is because of the ending with Punk and the urn.

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Tribute to Linkara and Spoony - "Boys Boys Boys"

March 4th, 2013 (02:55 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Behold, my second TGWTG related AMV. Dedicated to my favorite two reviewers - even though one isn't part of the site anymore - Linkara and Spoony, it's "Boys Boys Boys" by Lady Gaga.

Footage mainly from Atop the Fourth Wall and The Spoony Experiment with bits from the Warrior Crossover, Kickassia, The Epic Brawl, Suburban Knights, and To Boldly Flee.

Warning: dancing fools, shirtless scenes, Spooning with Spoony, and a mixture of hot and cuteness.

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Whose Line Is It Anyway AMV Hell Version 2.0

December 25th, 2012 (01:40 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Behold, the remake of Whose Line AMV Hell. Four minutes longer with several new clips, some re-edits, and much reorganizing, this one is more entertaining and maybe a little more funny.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2076EQ0MB8k Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxT0_9GHvII Part 2

Here is the new full rundown of the videos in this thing.

Text: Warning
This is an AMV Hell style music video. It contains the following:
Vulgar language:
-Tony telling Clive to Fuck off – This has special meaning to me: It’s the first clip I ever downloaded that was Whose Line related. Thank god for high quality and uncensored footage so I could put it in.

Naughty Imagery (including Slash)
-“The Letter “H” – I replaced the Rhino’s Newsflash with this one because it’s much more fun and to tell you the truth, the newsflash wasn’t all that funny. Plus, it’s both naughty AND Slash.

And Random Acts of Insanity
- LMAD: Colin the hockey player fighting Greg while Ryan holds him back – Well, it IS random and chaotic

If that doesn’t bother you, then please enjoy the video.

The Song playing is “Right back where we started from” by Cleopatra. I felt it was a decent song to play for the opening warning credits.

And now: Our Feature Presentation – I pulled the audio off of a clip I yoinked from youtube and created the text to go with the sound.

The Jaded Jewel logo – Re-edited for the video.

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And some stats from this:
73 videos were made for this, including the intro.
Ideas were dropped in the making: one for random fights, Paul smoking in India to "Because I Got High", a Mim/"Ugly Girl" thing, something to "Unwritten", one for “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”, and a "Dancing Queen" one.
The videos that went through the most edits were "Kingdom/Office", "Jump in the Line", "Women's Underwear", “Don’t Stop Believing”, the new credits, and "Sharp Dressed Man".
Hardest ones were "Can you picture that", the intro and outro, "You Spin Me Right Round", and "Filthy, Gorgeous".
The Chippendale dance and the Spongeman Rock Opera are used the most out of all the clips.
Many times I kept thinking of dropping the whole thing all together.
Half of the music clips are ideas for future music videos that maybe made, but might not be.
I will be posting the Opening and the Ending Credits later either tonight or tomorrow for everyone to watch.
Adobe Premiere didn’t give me grief during the construction of this, thank God.

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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2012 (10:38 am)

Merry Christmas, everyone, and boy, did I get a good haul.

I got:
A Snoopy and Woodstock figurine
Happiness is a Warm Blanket DVD
Sonic the Hedgehog figure set
Two Sonic graphic novels
Complete Peanuts 83-84 and 85-86
Pokemon White
Two My Little Pony figures - Lyra and Trixie
some turtlenecks
some sketch books
A very nice purse big enough to hold my ipad
A TARDIS plush toy
Doctor Who Series 3
A bunch of money from my aunt...
A 50 buck Amazon gift card.

Will be posting my gift for everyone later when I'm able to load it onto youtube.

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Remake of Whose Line AMV ideas?

December 1st, 2012 (07:34 pm)

Wow, it's been a while since I posted, but I've been doing all sorts of things from fallnig into the Doctor Who and MLP: Friendship is Magic fandoms, among others, to trying to find a job.  Now that I've got some creative juices flowing again, including working on re-editing my Whose Line fanfics, I'm thinking of doing a remake of my old Whose Line AMV Hell video.  I will still use the same clips used in the previous one, but I'm gonna include new clips and I may re-edit some of my older clips.

So, if anyone has any ideas for new clips for my WHose Line AMV Hell Version 2, please let me know in the comments.

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Jaded Raw Thoughts will not be done this week

September 11th, 2012 (11:16 am)

As much as I'd hate to do this, I'm not going to do a Raw Thoughts this week.

Reason why?

Jerry Lawler having a heart attack during the show.

I'm sorry, but I'd just think it'd be in poor taste to do one, especially since one of my comments while watching was about how I was hating King's commentary that night.  I just really hope the King will be ok.

Next week I'll do one I promise.

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Jaded Raw Thoughts - 9/3/12

September 4th, 2012 (07:59 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 9/3/12
Backstage stuff: King and Punk fight: meh but kinda cool. King is taken out of action, so no King on commentary. AJ didn’t recognize Josh Matthews, which is kinda amusing. Jack also takes times off. AJ is freaking out.

Misc. Notes: Cole does commentary alone for the first half hour, which is actually a nice change of pace. There’s an “I miss Lita” sign in the crowd. So do I, fan. Iron Sheik, on Twitter, demanded that Raw tonight “need to respect the Michael Clarke Duncan please”. Miz joins commentary. VERY nice change and Miz kicks some ass on it, too.

Sheamus promo: Nice promo. Punk cutting off Sheamus was a nice little start. Not used to seeing him in jeans. No boo’s for Punk, which is still lol. Lots of Boo’s for Cena, though. Again, Punk makes sense and Sheamus gets boo’ed when he cuts off Punk. And, of course, AJ makes a match between Punk and Sheamus, and she also throws in a Alberto Vs Cena match. Hooray… Sheamus also kills Ricardo by accident. Alberto and Ricardo is a better love story than Twilight.

Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler: Vickie, seriously, lower the decibel levels, will ya?? Alright match with some nice action. Good chemistry from both men.

Anger Management: Loved the “anger collages”, especially Kane’s, which ends up exploding a trash can. “Teacher’s pet”. “Circle of Trust” and the falling exorcize was amusing. Now Kane and Daniel trust each other. Lol. Kane and Daniel’s last bit was amusing as well. Fans also get to choose what Daniel and Kane should do now after it.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio Vs Tensai and Cody Rhodes: Alright match. Cody’s whole “hate masks” things is kinda stupid. They botched a tag, too.

CM Punk Vs Sheamus: Why am I not surprised this isn’t the main event. Punk also decides to walk out. Huh, didn’t see THAT coming. Swagger is called in to replace him and Alberto joins on commentary. Match is so-so.

Kaitlyn Vs Eve: Whatever. Layla joins the commentary and it’s meh.

Ryberg Vs Jinder Mahal: Meh.

Daniel Bryan and Kane’s resolution: They have to hug it out, bitch. Miz has the time of his life during it and it’s funny. Chest bump is even funnier. It’s so fucking stupid it’s funny. And it descends into slaps on arms, punches, shoves, and fight ensues. Ends with Daniel hitting Kane with a chair and running.

Santino Vs Antonio Cesaro: Meh.

Heath Slatter Vs Zack Ryder: Jobber entrance for both. Whatever. Random Vickie appears to bitch about AJ. The whole thing was blah, except for AJ’s nervous breakdown, which was WAY too long overdue.

Alberto Vs Cena: AJ makes it a “Falls Count Anywhere”. Alright match with some nice action. Like how it goes to the back and takes out the interview area. Random Punk attack and Random Heyman driving Punk’s car, too.

Overall: Lots of sucky-ish moments tonight with a dash of some decent stuff. One of those good things was Miz replacing King for the night, which was a refreshing change of pace. Almost all by at least two of the matches were good: Randy Vs Dolph, the tag match, and Alberto Vs Cena. The other matches were duds or nothing special. As for promos and the other things, the Anger Management bits had some laughs, but the hug moment lasted for too long, AJ finally having a nervous breakdown was long overdue, and Punk’s actions were entertaining, especially his walk out. Overall, a 4.5 out of ten.

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Jaded Raw Thoughts - 8/27/12

August 29th, 2012 (07:09 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 8/27/12
Backstage stuff: Nothing worthy to note.

Misc. crap: Cole keeps bugging me more and more, especially with him egging King about his choice. Very similar to how King egged Cole on when he had to face Cena on Raw a few months ago. I also missed on some bits due to watching some NCIS Bonus features with my family, which were much more entertaining than Raw.

King and Punk confrontation: Mixed feelings on this. Not a fan of Punk’s buzz cut look. Again, Punk makes good points and is treated like a heel. So Stupid. Punk and King match idea? Not thrilled.

Jack Swagger Vs Ryberg: Ugh, another one? Swagger got the jobber entrance… again. Didn’t this happen a few weeks ago? Swagger actually puts up some defense.

Natalya Vs Layla: Hey, finally I get to see Nattie in action after a long time! Unfortunately, she gets buried by fucking Layla. >_> Also, Vickie cuts in at the start and kicks Layla out of the ring for an announcement… and it was about Ziggler and Jericho’s match last week and about AJ being mentally deranged. Catfight ensues.

Daniel Bryan in Anger Management: That first bit… was kinda uncomfortable… Nice to see that Kane wears his welding mask when he goes to anger management. Kane also drops a Katie Vick reference.

King’s response: Nice of King to namedrop some famous names he fought in Memphis and his fight with Andy Koffman. He accepts the challenge. Not a fuck was given.

Cena Vs The Miz: Yay, like we haven’t seen this before! And it’s NOT the Main Event! Holy crap on a cracker! Josh Matthews also joins Cole on commentary. Good match.

Heath Slater Vs Santino: God, Cole, shut up about your fucking crush on Heath. Meh match. Aksana comes out and causes Santino to be distracted, but Santino manages to beat Heath anyway.

Brodus Clay and Sin Cara Vs Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes: Didn’t really pay attention much during this match. Spent a good portion of this match, plus several others in the other room watching something more entertaining. Meh stuff.

Daniel Bryan Vs R-Truth: Meh. Did love Daniel Bryan’s rage getting the best of him and gets him counted out.

Triple H news: Various montages occur during the show, highlighting Hunter’s best moments from D-X to singles. Powerful promo. Thank you, Hunter, for being one of the few guys in the WWE I really continued to give a crap about. For being one of the guys who could be such a great heel. For being bad ass and giving us some great moments. And for being “The Game”.

Sheamus and Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler and Alberto del Rio: No Vickie, must still be steaming after the whole AJ thing. Nice action.

Zack Ryder Vs David Otunga: Kane comes out on commentary and Josh bolts. Cole thinks they can be like Gorilla and The Brain. Blasphemer! Kane is silent during most of this match.

King Vs CM Punk: Fans choose what kind of match it’ll be: Tables, Cage, or No DQ. Since there’s a cage, it’s obvious it was gonna be a cage match. King gets pretty much NO reaction from the crowd. Alright match. Punk gets busted open, looks like he bladed. Even though I do like King, he did deserve that beating. BTW: who keeps a chain and a padlock in a tool box???? Also, Cena can’t climb cages, either. Huh?

Overall: After checking some reports, the two matches I missed when I was out of the room was the Brodus and Sin Cara tag match and the Daniel Bryan/Truth match, which were not that great from what I’ve heard and saw bits off. Actually, all but Sheamus/Orton vs Ziggler/Alberto, Miz/Cena, and Punk/King were the only decent or good matches. Triple H’s goodbye promo was touching, but I missed the first few minutes of it. The rest of the show was just not that great, especially the Anger Management segments, which were, IMO, kinda cringeworthy. Overall, a 4.5 out of 10.

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Jaded Raw Thoughts - 8/20/12

August 21st, 2012 (01:17 pm)

Jaded Raw Thoughts – 8/20/12
Backstage: David Otunga’s back, yay. Weird to see him clean shaven. Jericho looks nice in a white t-shirt. Punk wants Cena to show him respect.

Misc. Crap: Cole bitches too much. King is getting annoying.

Brock and Heyman: I’m sorry, but right now, I want this angle to be destroyed. Heyman was cool when he first came back a few months ago, but now he’s gotten very annoying. The promo was alright, but… meh. BTW: “By tapping him out”? Also, Brock “Touts” that he’s leaving the WWE after Heyman crowned him “Lord and Master of the WWE”? FAIL! Plus, Sycho Sid is MY Master and Ruler of the World.

Sin Cara, R-Truth and Kofi (with Lil’ Jimmy) Vs. Cody Rhodes and the Prime Time Players: Ugh, that joke about what Sin Cara looks like under the mask was… Ugh! Alright match with some nice action from all six men.

Ryback Squash match: Two random dudes are fed to Ryberg tonight. Jinder Mahal of all people suddenly attacks him. Serious, WTF?

Alberto promo: Awww, no car for Alberto. He does get a match with Randy Orton. I do like hearing Sheamus talking. It’s probably because I’m part Irish and he’s got a nice voice. It also kept me distracted during the good match.

Brodus Clay Vs. Damien Sandow: Meh. King was quite annoying again.

Shawn Michaels promo: Great promo. Nice use of visual aids and nice of the WWE to lower the cheers to let Shawn speak.

David Otunga Vs. Big Show: I dunno if I should feel sorry for Otunga or not. Over quick.

Kane and Zack Ryder Vs. Daniel Bryan and The Miz: Made by AJ to settle differences between these guys. Good match, but then it goes absolutely crazy and there was no winner. Kane rampage was nice at the end along with Daniel Bryan bolting, causing Kane’s rampage.

#1 Contender Whore/Diva battle Royal: Blah. Nice Superkick from Tamina to Alicia Fox. Kaitlyn won. Whatever. Cole just kept bitching and moaning and it got annoying.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Chris Jericho: Really Good match. Vickie is REALLY shrilled tonight. I’m gonna miss Chris and his jackets of awesomeness….

Punk/Cena: Lawler gets lectured. Punk again brings up valid points about how he’s been neglected and overshadowed because of Cena. Again, he’s supposed to be the heel in this? Cena gets the cheap pop by kissing up to the Fresno crowd and rambled on. Ends with Punk kicking King in the back of the head. Hate to say it, but King deserved the kick. Also loved the random shouts from the fans, including “You got tolled, Punk!”

Overall: Not as great as last week, but it did have some good matches like the Alberto/Orton match, the Dolph/Jericho match, and the six man match. Punk and HBK’s promos were also nicely done. The rest was a mixture of dull and why. King is getting more and more annoying and Cole is just plain annoying. I’ve got a feeling that Jericho and Lesner will come back sometime down the road. Still have no idea where the hell they’re going with Punk in this angle. Overall, I’d give this a 5.5 out of 10.

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Jaded Raw Review - 8/13/12

August 14th, 2012 (05:38 pm)

8/13/12 Raw thoughts
Misc thoughts: Intro is still crap. Nice to see they haven’t forgotten Mark Henry’s roots with the Touts of him at the Olympics. Cole’s flip-flopping between heel and face on commentary is getting really, REALLY annoying.

Backstage crap: Didn’t recognize JTG or Katilyn at all when they popped up. Katilyn has some funky looking hair. Lol at Piper having a rant while Shawn is in the same room. Eve is still lame. Poor jumpy Shawn getting spooked by Cena. Punk demands respect and says a funny bit “Looks like (Cena) learned a new move.” Little creped out over Lesner’s rapeface when Shawn bumps into him. Loved the little Triple H/HBK bit after the signing.

Recaps: Again, like last week, not a lot. They added some extra bits with showing Booker’s thoughts on Alberto’s actions last Smackdown, which was nice.

Punk Vs Big Show: Lovely, opening match features the champ. Fans still cheer for Punk, which is lol. Alright action, mostly good stuff from Punk, not so much from Show. Random Daniel Bryan is random. Daniel causes the DQ and, of course, Cena comes out to play ‘hero’. So that match was, say it with me, “Entirely pointless”!

JTG Vs Ryback: JTG got buried. “I better not get pink eye” – lol.

Heath Slatter Vs R-Truth: Oh, I have so much fun watching Heath get his ass kicked. Nice match. Kinda glad that A.W. is gone so I didn’t have to hear his idiotic comments when Titus and Darren came out to attack Truth.

Sin Cara (He’s a man, PUNCH!) Vs Tensai: Oh brother, this is a train wreck. Sin Cara somehow won and, of course, Tensai kills Sakamoto.

Piper’s Pit w/ Jericho: Good ol’ Piper, always fun to watch. So much fun with Piper and Jericho working off each other. Vickie’s voice is still grating as fuck. Dolph gets trolled a few times by Piper and Jericho, which was awesome. Of course, Miz joins in and, of course, a brawl breaks out. Still awesome.

Jericho Vs Miz Vs Dolph: Made during commercial by AJ. Very good match with tons of action.

Layla and Katilyn Vs Beth Phoenix and Eve: So where’s Nattie? Whatever match.

Daniel Bryan and Big Show VS Punk and Cena: Was called as soon as Cena came out during Punk/Show. Lol at Punk doing the “One hand clap” for Cena. Entertaining match. Love the mocking between Punk and Cena, plus Show saying “Fuck this” and sitting out after Daniel tagged himself in. Fun note, my dad and my brother watched half of this match because nothing else was on. Had to explain to my dad who some of these guys were while my brother just shook his head.

Damien Sandow Vs Christian: Alright match. Random Brodus Clay appearance to distract Sandow.

Brock/Hunter contract signing: Hunter is delayed due to flying commercial. Heyman and Lesner are annoying as fuck. Shawn has a quite tense moment before Hunter finally arrives.

Brock attacks Shawn: Holy Crap! They killed a camera. Oh, and Shawn gets abducted and carried to the ring to be beaten. Dunno if Paul was being sarcastic or serious when he freaked over Brock ‘breaking’ Shawn’s arm.

Overall: Lots of wrestling, wow! Storylines are doing alright, but the whole Punk one is starting to lose steam. Half of the matches were entertaining, fourth were squash, and the rest were decent. As for the Brock/Hunter/HBK thing, I’ve got an idea for something later after watching the ending: Have Shawn SUE Heyman and Brock for assault. Payback for Heyman suing Hunter three times. Then again, that’s my ideas and I doubt the writers of the WWE are that smart. Overall, 6.5 out of ten.

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Jaded Thoughts on Raw - 8/7/12

August 7th, 2012 (01:40 pm)

So I've decoded to change my reviews of Raw, making it shorter and much simpler.

8/7/12 Raw thoughts:
New intro is meh

Backstage/Misc. stuff: Can’t wait for Wade Barrett to come back. We need something fresh on TV again. Alberto flirting with AJ is ugh, but he screwed himself over by accidentally calls AJ crazy. Damien Sandow is trying to rid the WWE of filth and degeneration, huh? How about getting rid of that beard. AJ and Daniel moment was alright with AJ announcing Daniel will face Kane at Summerslam. They have a “NO” and “YES” argument and Daniel is still having Anger issues. Sheamus had a hell of a time in Alberto’s car and messed if up quite much.

Recap hell?: a couple of short stuff, but not the crap tons of them like last week, thank God.

Opening Promo: AJ is still meh. Crowd is still Pro-Punk. Punk’s promo is pretty good, and I agree with him on not wanting the triple threat match. Really starting to hate how Cena interrupts everything and his comments to Punk were… dull. I also hate that Punk is saying the champion deserves respect and he’s being played the bad guy in this thing.

CM Punk Vs (Miz or Kane or Rey Mysterio – decided by fans) Fans picked Rey Mysterio – huh? For some reason, I was hoping for Kane. Pretty good match with some decent action. Rey also seemed to have gained some weight since he came back. Punk wins and it looked like he either chipped or lost a tooth or something happened with his lip piercing, judging by the way he was holding his mouth. Also, does anyone remember that Del Rio and Rey are supposed to be in a feud or something??

Alberto del Rio Vs Christian: recap of Alberto attacking Sheamus a month ago shown before match start. Christian got the Jobber entrance. King complains over Alberto hitting Christian with his boot to allow him to score the win. Sheamus pops up to steal Alberto’s car. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen: committing a felony on live TV. At least it’s not ninja’s kidnapping wrestlers on live TV.

Big Show Vs Randy Orton: Kicks off hour #2 with this match. Not really an interesting match. Orton kicks out of a Choke Slam. Show then almost kills him. Match ends in a double count out. Hooray… Show then tries to kill him again with a WMD punch, but gets RKO’ed. Yay…

Ryback Vs Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins Typical Ryback match. His promos are like something the Ultimate Warrior says and he’s pretty much a Goldberg clone that needs to be stopped.

Primo & Epico Vs Prime Time Players: A.W., SHUT THE FUCK UP! Not really interesting, especially with A.W. shouting and cheering like that. Prime Time players try to escape, but R-Truth and Kofi come out to distract them and Primo and Epico attack PTP. Match continues on and Epico scores the win.

Brodus Clay Vs Damien Sandow: Sandow attacks Brodus before he comes to the ring. Huh, looks like a legit feud for Brodus finally.

Kellyx2 Vs Eve: First Diva’s match in a long time. Yay…. Kellyx2 won. Who cares.

HBK Live: SQUEE! Still funny as hell. Of course, Brock comes out to go after him. I’m still getting rather annoyed at Paul Heyman’s voice. Like how HBK is gonna be with Hunter at Summerslam. Hunter comes out to defend Shawn and Brock leaves, the latter threatening to go after Shawn before Summerslam.

Alex Riley Vs Dolph Ziggler: Jericho is at ringside. A meh match. Riley won and Jericho recorded it on his cell phone. It was funny, I admit. Dolph being pissy is funny, too.

Kane Vs Miz: King is starting to irritate me a bit, but not as much as Cole. Match was alright. Kane wins, to no surprise.

Daniel Bryan Vs John Cena: A very good match that broke Cena’s usual match formual Nice action from both men. Love the ending with the nice reversal of the STF from Daniel, who puts in the NOlock, but Cena hits the AA and wins. Punk, Cena, and Show fight was alright to watch for an ending. And again, Punk has a strong point, but they make him the heel here.

Overall: Wasn’t all that bad. Some matches were decent along with some promos. However, I hate that Punk is being called the bad guy when he makes a logical point about the champion supposing to be the main focus and he’s being ignored. Hell, BOTH heavyweight champs are being ignored to focus on Super Cena. I’m still getting used to the three hour format, but if it keeps this kind of formula, I’ll grow to love it. Overall, I give it a 6 out of ten.

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August 6th, 2012 (07:48 pm)

Won't be donig a Jaded Raw Review this week.  Recovering from my trip to Philadelphia to visit relatives.  Also, it's starting to become a bit of a chore to do this every week.  I might post ym random raw thoughts, though.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 7-30-12

August 1st, 2012 (01:01 pm)

WWE Raw Review – 7/30/12

Recap of what happened last week:
We are now three hours long. And it was the 1000th episode.
D-X reunion included not just Triple H and Shawn, but also Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac. It was awesome.
AJ is now the Raw GM and she didn’t marry Daniel Bryan. Not surprised with the last bit.
Three man tag match occurred with Jim Ross joining on commentary for it.
Brodus Clay beat Jack Swagger and danced with Dude Love.
Rock called Daniel Bryan “Frodo”. I loled. Rock also announced he will fight whoever is the WWE champ at the Royal Rumble and vows to be the Champ after it.
Miz is now the Intercontinental Champion.
Stephanie came out to help her husband, which convinced Paul Heyman to agree to the Summerslam match. Brock Lesner and Hunter got into a fight and it was awesome.
Heath’s final Legends brawl involved him fighting LITA who had the APA as back up in this No-DQ match. All the other Legends that beat up Heath came out to celebrate, ending with Ron Simmons doing a “Damn!” and it was awesome.
Undertaker returned to help Kane beat up a bunch of dudes and it was awesome.
Cena and Punk’s match ended in a DQ due to Big Show attacking Cena. Rock came out and beat up Show. Punk suddenly attacks Rock and GTS’ed him, signaling he’s now a heel.

So what will happen tonight? What will Punk have to say about his attack on the Rock? How will they build up Brock Lesner and Triple H? Is there going to be a dumb-as-fuck Daniel Bryan/Charlie Sheen thing? All this crap and more on this Jaded Raw Review.
Check under the hoodCollapse )
…Uh, yeah. That was pretty good. Aside from the dozens of recaps used for padding, it was entertaining. There were some dull matches like the Tensai match and Brodus getting the beat down, but the tag match, the Sheamus/Daniel match, and the last match were quite good. I did sorta enjoy Daniel’s breakdown and psych evaluation segment. AJ as GM? I’ll keep my thoughts open for the next several weeks until I can say if she’s good or bad. As for Punk’s ‘heel’ turn, he has made some really good points and I’m interested in where this is going for his character. Overall, I give this a 6.5 out of 10, so if they keep this up, this 3 hour thing might be really good.

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Jaded Jewel Raw Review - 7-23-12

July 26th, 2012 (12:41 pm)

WWE Raw Review – 7/23/12

Recap of what happened last week:
A slightly better show than the week before….
Crap tons of hype for Raw episode 1000. What, you didn’t know that was coming up? It’s not like they’ve been HYPING IT FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS!!
Big Show made some actual points about Punk being overshadowed by Cena and tried to goad Cena into cashing in his MITB after Show’s match with Punk. Cena decided to cash it in next week for the 1000th episode.
Daniel Bryan proposed again to AJ and she said “YES!”. The wedding is to be at episode 1000. This has “BAD” written all over it.
Rikishi was the one to beat up Heath Slatter and did so with great awesomeness. He then danced with his sons ALA Too Cool.
I suddenly missed Bobby The Brain Heyman, Jimmy Hart, Sunny, Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette, and Harvey Whippleman after another tag match with A.W.’s Prime Time Players.
Rey Mysterio returned and is now feuding with Alberto.
Jericho now is feuding with Dolph Ziggler.
More squash matches for Ryback and Brodus Clay.

So tonight is the Raw 1000th episode. We got a wedding that’ll probably end badly, CM Punk Vs Cena for the title that’ll probably have Big Show interfering, many legends popping up including Bret Hart, D-X, and the Rock, and Brock Lesner is going to announce his response to Triple H’s challenge at Summerslam. All this and the new three hour block on tonight’s Jaded Raw Review.

Check under the hoodCollapse )
Well, it didn’t suck. Three hours might end up being a problem with the fact we had about 30 minutes of wrestling in this. The bits with the Legends were entertaining, especially the Brother’s of Destruction reunion, the APA reunion, and the D-X reunion. Loved seeing Lita again along with Trish and, hell, even Stephanie. Most of the matches were alright, but the Brodus match was an a-typical squash with a slight change with Dude Love. I knew the wedding was going to fail, but AJ being revealed as the GM leaves me with mixed feelings. As for the final match? CM Punk heel turn with the Rock going to fight the champ at Royal Rumble? Not all that thrilled with the latter part, but I’ll wait and see with this possible Punk Heel turn. Overall, I give it a 6 out of 10 for the nostalgia factors and some decent matches.

BTW: Where the hell was Austin 3:16?

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